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Refreshing approach to food production

REDFERN: On July 21, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new website for Native Botanical Brewery (NBB), and to talk to the team behind this new and innovative business.

‘Let’s all eat well!’

NEWTOWN: Say It with Lentil on Australia Street (opposite Newtown Court House) is a new flexitarian eatery with cozy ambience.

Winter in the balcony garden

You can do a lot with a tiny balcony, especially in winter. Winter growing flowers like pansies ($1.49) and heartsease (99c), or poppies ($2.49) can go in to pots in the sun and will flower throughout winter, and bring happiness wherever they go.

Native Foodways – ‘Baking is one part of what we do’

Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise partnering with people from communities across Australia.

Curry on

It’s surprising how healthy ordinary foods can be. Curry, for...

Redfern locals Redbird Chinese and Ciccone & Sons launch limited edition gelato

Two of Redfern’s leading hospitality brands – Redbird Chinese...

Vanilla Slice … very nice!

I really enjoy cooking and baking. There’s always something...

How ethical is your Easter chocolate?

Did you know Australians consume a whopping 32 kilograms...

Give a Christmas gift for good through Two Good

Eveleigh-based social enterprise Two Good Co has released a...

Sydney Summer Streets to bring village high streets alive

The council of the City of Sydney (CoS) is...

King hit by Covid but Parliament rises

Covid-19 has disrupted many hospitality businesses and left customers...

New OzHarvest market offers food relief to locals

WATERLOO: A former local grocery store in the Waterloo...

Winter soup

Who doesn’t love warm, lumpy-free veggie soup on a...

Two Good’s recipe for success transforms lives

“For us it’s about creating love in a black takeaway container,” said Two Good’s head chef Jane Strode. “We work with our suppliers to get the best ingredients. Each dish is full of fresh, nutritious produce and cooked with love by our Two Good team.”

Welcome to Eatz on Abercrombie

DARLINGTON: A new name and a bright new decor! Eatz...

Introducing something unique

New gleaming white signage announces Chalmers Corner Licenced Café and Restaurant, and new owner-manager Pav (a passionate Rabbitohs supporter) is excited.

Restaurant – Pastizzi Café, Newtown

Although the little Maltese pastries are the stars here, the sit-down menu is well worth investigating.

Convenience food

Food producers are making life easier for themselves but to the detriment of our health.

Restaurant – Stix and Pita

This place is a must if you like chargrilled marinated meat and are a fan of fresh quality food.

Restaurant Review – Sek Fun Noodle House

I think this is my new favourite Chinese restaurant!


Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream

Restaurants – Anita Gelato & Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Those of you who have met me know my ample girth is testimony to a passion for things sweet and creamy, so it was with great delight that I reviewed the local ice cream/gelato/sorbet providers.

Restaurant Reviews – More burger reviews

Three more burger options.

Restaurant – Burger Review Time

This month (with more to come in February is burger review time.

VEGGIE – Don’t desert dessert!

Mmm, yummy seasonal fruit!

Restaurant – The Sultan’s Table

I returned to an old favourite restaurant and, to be frank, I was disappointed.

Restaurant – Rosso Antico

There are pizza shops and there are restaurants that serve pizza: Rosso Antico is the latter.

A tough nut to crack

I have to remind you about one of the great Australian nuts. No, it isn’t me. I’m talking about the macadamia.

Tucker Time – Indian Leaf

I rate this place A1 (despite the chewy beef) and the best Indian food at this price I know of. In Arnie’s immortal words, “I’ll be back”.

Tucker Time – Thai Square

Generous serves, good value

Tucker Time – Happy Chef

For a restaurant to survive over 30 years in the heart of Newtown it has to be doing something right.

Tucker Time – Spice Alley

Some 30 years ago I discovered the Asian food court in Dixon Street and was introduced to a new world of flavours.

Tucker Time

I'll be reviewing local dining within 15 minutes of Redfern that offer food (not including drinks) for two people for under $50

Local cafes for community

Local cafes are, of course, places for eating and drinking. However, when we visit them regularly the best of them can facilitate our experiencing the wider community.

Pears pack a punch

Pears are sensational!

Last day at Appetite Cafe

We knew the day was coming, the redevelopment on the western side of Regent Street has gathered pace, but when we met for the last day of trading, it was an emotional occasion.

Raising the bar – up on the roof

The rooftop bar will be running only in conjunction with 107’s exhibitions and creative events throughout the summer.

Add an icy twist this Christmas

I really do like cold espresso coffee with soda...

Regrow your veggie scraps 

Did you know you can regrow vegetables and herbs from the ends you would usually cast out? Recycling your veggies can save you money. It can also be enjoyable. 

Food for thought in No Meat May

No Meat May is a great campaign to participate in this month. By choosing to eat less animal products, or going meat free, you can help protect the planet, improve your health, and save living beings from suffering (

Check your pulse rate

Pulses are good for you, beneficial to farmers’ livelihoods and have a positive impact on the environment. Even though dried beans, lentils and peas have been around for centuries, they will play a fundamental role in our sustainable future.

Wildlife in the café

How did the mural project come about? I’d been going...

Local named world’s best bartender

Undertaking this competition was no easy feat. First Dula...

Barn Doors open nights

Over the past two-and-a-half years, owner-managers Joshua and Priscilla...

VEGGIE COLUMN – A good egg

I didn’t buy the eggs. My other half is...

Cappuccinos and cats

Locals and visitors can enjoy the company of cats at Catmosphere cat café.

OzHarvest pop-up café

ULTIMO: A restaurant utilising surplus food has “popped up” in Harris Street, Pyrmont. OzHarvest has taken a three-month lease on an empty restaurant space owned by City West Housing. Ronni Kahn, founder and CEO of OzHarvest, says food destined for landfill will be transformed into gourmet, high-quality restaurant meals.

Chewing the fat in No Meat May

“At the end of the day, it’s just not sustainable in a world approaching nine billion people to demand meat every day, let alone with every meal.” Ryan Alexander is a passionate advocate for animal rights and vegetarian ethics. “Humans can live, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives without meat,” he says. “There really is no need to eat meat in our culture. It is a choice, weighed down by the inherited thinking of ‘need’ and the mass marketing machine of big business which feeds off this thinking.” He talks to Andrew Collis about the No Meat May campaign.

Sobering facts on climate change and beer industry

Climate change has caused natural disasters, political calamities, and the extinction of endangered species. But now it’s gone one step too far. Climate change is threatening beer.

Winter fruits and veggies

With regards to the fruit please make sure you...

King Street delectables

NEWTOWN: Andrew Christie (landscape architect, writer and food blogger) is a man on a mission. He and his wife Cath are eating their way from the north to the south end of King Street, sampling various menu items, comparing table service and cafe-bar-restaurant ambience as they go. “We’re about halfway now”, Andrew says, enjoying a flat white at Cafe C.

Marked veggies and fruit with bugs

Now, in my travels around fruit and veggie markets,...