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Tucker Time – Happy Chef

Lemongrass pork is typically offered here with a wonton soup but the thought of fried pork drowned in a broth didn’t appeal so I opted for it served on rice. The pork is zesty and delicious but seemed unfulfilling on plain rice so I’ll ask for fried rice next time as the pork was a winner. The salt and pepper squid was enticing but just missed the mark as it was oily. The staff recommended black bean sauce as a best seller so, although not my favourite as often I find it over seasoned and salty, I gave it a try with chicken and was pleasantly surprised. It was nicely balanced and full of fresh but not over cooked veggies. My one criticism was that it did contain MSG, perhaps a legacy of opening in the ’80s.

Licensed: Yes.

Value: Nearly all meals are under $20 a main with generous servings.

Staff/ambience: Staff are friendly and the venue has a fresh coat of paint.

With family: Kid friendly with an extensive menu that should appease the fussiest nipper. Noise tolerant and you can linger longer.

With friends: Great place to meet up and share dishes. The party table seats around 10 people with a lazy susan to facilitate serving. It might be worth a booking call for big parties.

With a date: This place is as romantic as a boxing gymnasium but if it’s a quick feed before the main event it would suffice.

Summary: Despite the minor issues outlined above this place is perfect to satiate any hunger pangs particularly before a big night out.



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