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Cappuccinos and cats

This was the idea that cat lovers Thomas Derricott and Wenee Yap had when they created Sydney’s very first space themed cat café, Catmosphere. The inspiration came after a trip to the original Catmosphere in Chang Mai, Thailand. Thomas and Wenee were so taken with the frenetic and magical quality the place had, and decided that living in Sydney there must be others who would love a pet of their own but whose living arrangements made it unfeasible.

Thus the turquoise-hued Catmosphere was born, where coffee and cat lovers alike can come to experience something new, and yet as familiar as if you were sitting in your own lounge room in the company of a furry friend. A chance to de-stress and to know that your contribution of $20 for an hour visit with the cats is going directly to taking care of them; their food, abundance of toys, scratching posts and their weekly vet visits. A coffee of your choice and a cat shaped cookie definitely help to sweeten the deal.

There are 16 cat residents that visitors are able to interact with, cuddling and playing with the cats, or even taking a photo with them, if the cat obliges to sit still long enough. Another five, who prefer the company of other felines, but who visitors are welcome to admire, inhabit a separate room.

All of the cats are unique in their personalities and temperaments, and were specially selected by the World League for Protection of Animals to be fostered by Catmosphere, helping the cats to socialise with humans and for their visitors to connect with cats to adopt.

Catmosphere has a cat handler to ensure the wellbeing of the cats and the joyful experience of their guests. All of the staff at Catmosphere are as knowledgeable about the cats as they are passionate about them, and are able to give you any information, including all of their space themed names. Some of my favourites are Princess Leia, Major Tom, Fuzz Aldrin and Darth Beauty.

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