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Restaurants – Anita Gelato & Cold Rock Ice Creamery

The propensity for ice cream to melt in one minute flat (particularly when in a cone) in summer makes autumn and spring the best season for this treat. As ice cream is the great leveller, everyone has the means to savour some of the best ice cream in the world.

Anita Gelato
Broadway, Chippendale
(rear of the “Green” building opposite UTS)

Licensed: No.
Value: Fair.
Staff/ambience: Fun and bright with a parade of passersby. The park opposite makes for a great option. Staff were generous with the inclusions for the yogurt.
With family: Absolutely.
With friends: Fresh and clean venue though parking and public transport not the best.
With a date: Ideal to stretch the night out that bit longer.

Summary: Great range, catering to everyone, particularly those with a sweet tooth or special dietary needs.

Here you are spoilt for, or perhaps baffled by, choice with what Anita claims to be 150 options (I didn’t stop to count them). The creamery offers vegan, yogurt, sorbet as well as traditional gelato. The yogurt option is particularly popular with the kids as they can make their own flavours by loading up their serving with lollies. I didn’t sample the sorbet or the vegan option but the gelato options are great with panna cotta, mascarpone, rich chocolate, nuts and berries in many a varied combo. Fresh and creamy though a little too sweet for my palate which is why I rated Anita fifth on my list. It’s close to Spice Ally and well worth the walk to cap off your night. 

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
50 Perouse Rd, Randwick 

Licensed: No.
Value: Fair+.
Staff/ambience: More a shop front than a venue with limited seating.
With family: Absolutely.
With friends: Probably more for kids.
With a date: Maybe.

Summary: Fun option for the family.

Now that the Newtown store has closed you’ll need to venture out to Randwick (or Homebush) for this treat. This franchise has a great gimmick. You select your favourite ice cream from 24+ flavours then you add lollies with dozens of options from candied popcorn and M&Ms to frozen fruit and coconut (like the frozen yogurt at Anita’s but with more options) then the magic happens. Lollies and ice cream are placed on a freezing slab then smashed, mashed and mixed. My favourites are caramello koalas and marshmallows mixed into vanilla or chocolate, while gummy bears mixed into bubblegum ice cream seems more appealing to the younger palette. Where “fresh” has beaten takeaway at other vendors reviewed it doesn’t seem to impact on this venue at all.

More ice cream next month!

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