Sunday, October 10, 2021
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VEGGIE – Don’t desert dessert!

It’s the time I look forward to year after year. Mmm, yummy seasonal fruit! Do I hear cheers for the cherry? Praise for the peach? Yes! So let’s give them all a good wash and then gather them on the bench. Please peel when needed and pit those seeds as well. Don’t forget to wash them because you never know what’s on your fruit.

Now, look at our in-season fruit list. We have peaches and plums. Later on, there are white plums. Don’t forget to add them as they can be deliciously sweet. There are cherries along with nectarines and strawberries. There are colour variations with cherries. White ones you should look out for as they melt in your mouth. In the citrus range, mandarins and oranges should be added for that slight acid tingle on your tongue.

I know I should say have it without sugar but sometimes a sprinkle goes a long way. It can make a stark, bitter-tasting fruit salad into something that is exciting to eat. Being even more naughty, add full-cream ice-cream and make it a heavenly dish to finish the day.

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