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‘The Silver Tunnel’ has fresh Sydney season … then is set to tour

A 3,000-kilometre regional tour will follow a fresh Sydney season of the one-act thriller The Silver Tunnel this January – presented by hero of...

Tap Affect

Tap Affect shows “we’ve all got rhythm” as we respond to the dancers striking the floor in traditional and innovative rhythms with rapt attention.’

Being present and inspired: An interview with playwright Tom Holloway

Playwright Tom Holloway explores why people would queue to sit in a chair and lock eyes with an artist in a gallery and other meaty questions in the world premiere production of The Museum of Modern Love in January 2022.

The Boomkak Panto

The Boomkak Panto at Belvoir is a fairy tale, and the villains loudly booed by the willing audience meet a bad end and the queer AF love story triumphs – a great night on the town.


Jane Bodie’s generational saga Lamb is a play with songs rather than a musical and an increasingly popular genre.

Home Chat

The venerable Genesian Theatre returns to the stage after lockdown presenting the Australian premiere of Noël Coward’s Home Chat.

Wudjang: Not the Past reclaiming the future

Directed and choreographed by Bangarra’s artistic director and national treasure, Stephen Page, and co-written by award-winning playwright, Alana Valentine, Wudjang: Not the Past promises to be a breath-taking theatrical experience.

Australian Theatre Live

Australian Theatre Live touts itself as “Australian story telling...


Outlines is the inaugural season of video works displaying boundary-pushing artists and technologists who are reimagining the future of performance.

Fable fun on Planet Zoom!

Community-based theatre company Natalie Mitz Productions continues to create...


SandSong: Stories from the Great Sandy Desert is Bangarra Dance Theatre’s first new full-length work for three years, and in keeping with their unique signature style it combines authentic storytelling, superb technique and a powerfully emotive performance.

The Cherry Orchard

The uppermost theme of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard is not merely large-scale change but how to adjust to a change that is already in the process of taking place. Consequently Eamon Flack’s up-dated, thought-provoking and up-beat adaptation and staging of Chekhov’s much-loved play has much of importance to offer to our present, uncertain times.


The declared mission of new company, Fuser Production, is “to stir the human spirit” and incite “awe, challenge and inspiration through original and compelling art” and Intact, its debut performance, is deeply engaging and awe-inspiring.

Tiny Universe

You could watch TV or Netflix, but if you really wanted a completely absorbing and dynamic 60 minutes of entertainment you could see Tiny Universe, co-presented by Milk Crate Theatre and Shopfront Art Co-Op. Showing for a very short season, Tiny Universe deserves a longer season and a more extensive audience.

A Passage to India

Bringing Martin Sherman’s adaptation of E.M. Forster’s rich and sprawling novel A Passage to India to the compact stage of the Genesian would have posed many challenges. Apart from a large number of characters and costumes, a diversity of locations, the narrative is in no haste to reach its haunting conclusion.

Ulster American

David Ireland’s award-winning satire Ulster American takes as its target the current Western concern with constructing inclusive and equal cultural identities.


Dogged offers theatregoers a unique and startling theatre experience. Unflinchingly facing the problematic relationship between black and white people in Australia, it is a brilliantly conceived, powerfully realised and deeply confronting parable.

Local burlesque icon marks a milestone

Long-time Redfern resident and celebrated burlesque dancer Mia Mortal...

Testing times – an interview with Harriet Gordon-Anderson

Talking to Harriet Gordon-Anderson as she walks to rehearsals at 8.30am for Belfast-born David Ireland’s hard-hitting play Ulster American is an invigorating experience.

Live a Little

Monologues work well in an intimate space, and the small King Street Theatre Popupsairs venue works well for Sylvia Marie Keays in Paul Gilchrist’s Live a Little. As Tilly, a young woman who has an uneasy relationship with herself, with others and with the truth, Keays is by turns insouciant, witty and distraught.

The pay gap is a hot potato – an interview with writer Melanie Tait

When Australian Melanie Tait was 21 and living in...

Universe behind closed doors

What’s happening in our private moments that no one...

Stop Girl

In Stop Girl award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent Sally Sara offer us a semi-autobiographical story of grief and guilt, trusting that we will respond with understanding and compassion. Directed with integrity by Anna-Louise Sarks, the play offers a moving validation of the concept of moral injury.

Pete the Sheep

Gratefully, we welcome back Monkey Baa Children’s Theatre to the stage after a year’s absence. Their first 2021 production, an hilarious and imaginative musical adaption of Pete the Sheep, based on a whimsical tale by Jackie French and Bruce Whatly, adapted by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry, with lyrics by Phil Scott, is dynamic and absorbing entertainment for the 4 to 84 year olds.

The Secret of Chimneys

The Secret of Chimneys is lovely fun. There’s a body, a stolen letter, a secret code, a hidden black diamond necklace and a missing person along with a gallery of wonderfully exaggerated and beautifully performed characters under the strong direction of Molly Haddon.

If truth be told – an interview with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is the creative force behind Truth to...

ArtsLab: Unreliable Witness

ArtsLab: Unreliable Witness is the youth-led Shopfront Arts Co-op’s annual emerging artists’ festival featuring a program of five works exploring the theme of perception and misperception. Each of these diverse works including two outstanding theatre performances is the outcome of a six-month residency at Shopfront in which young artists, selected from many applicants, are given the opportunity to work with an industrial mentor.

The Pass

John Donnelly’s gripping The Pass asks us to consider the age-old question: how best to live both an authentic and fulfilling life. Recontextualised in the world of 21st-century elite professional football, the question becomes how much the central character, Jason, is prepared to sacrifice for success and more importantly, how is success defined.


Funny, fast-paced and extravagantly joyful, the exuberant and inventive musical Fangirls lovingly celebrates the millions of teenager girls for whom a crush on a pop idol is a real and transformative experience.

Yellamundie Festival – Opening Night

This year’s biennial and fifth Yellamundie Festival, a unique platform for the identification, development and presentation of First Peoples stories, opened up submissions to composers and choreographers.

To pass or not pass – an interview with Deng Deng

Deng Deng plays the role of Nigerian Ade alongside Ben Chapple’s Jason, both caught up in the demands of the world of elite sport with its still toxic codes of masculinity and racism.


The award-winning documentary Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra celebrates the impressive rise of the Bangarra Dance Theatre Company over 30 years from humble beginnings to international fame.

William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play

The joyous hilarity of the Genesian’s William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged) makes it a worthy rival to its very popular predecessor The Complete Shakespeare.

My Brilliant Career

In her illuminating and dynamic stage adaptation of Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career writer Kendall Feaver has included material from further afield than the original, drawing on My Career Goes Bung, Franklin’s childhood memoirs and biographical studies. Consequently, we have a fuller and deeper impression of Sybylla Penelope Melvyn, an appealingly provocative character, created by the 19-year-old Stella Franklin, and which, while located in personal experience, far transcends it.

Summer with Liesel – an interview with Liesel Badorrek

Liesel Badorrek, director of CDP Kids’ Summer Spectacular, says that there is something for every child as Australia’s favourite books come to life with three shows and five seasons in January.


Ostensibly, Kodie Bedford’s comedy is about the reunion of a dysfunctional family drawn back to Geraldton by their grandmother’s imminent death. However, on the well-tried principle that comedy makes unpalatable truths acceptable, it is an ultimately hopeful interrogation of post-colonial Australia.

Wicked Sisters

Wicked Sisters is an excellent piece of theatrical entertainment. While it encompasses many themes relevant to our times, the dynamics between the four middle-aged women, former friends reunited after several decades, is completely engrossing.

The Silver Tunnel

This dynamic production of The Silver Tunnel, advertised as “a hell of a play in a holy place”, marks the repurposing of the Ashfield Uniting Church as a new Inner West performance space. A brainchild of the Rev. Bill Crews, who has been an advocate for the poor and homeless for over 50 years, this new entertainment space aims at raising awareness and funds for the disadvantaged.

At home with Holmes

The Genesian Theatre is excited to be reopening on November 6 with Sherlock Holmes and the Death on Thor Bridge. The show was preparing to go into production when the theatre was forced to close owing to Covid-19, but the virus has had a positive side for the Genesian, central Sydney’s oldest operating community theatre.

Chloe’s choreography comes alive at Carriageworks

Chloe Leong’s choreographic debut at Carriageworks is part of New Breed, which features works by four emerging choreographers. It’s also the first time the Sydney Dance Company (SDC) will perform live on stage in 2020.

Something wicked this way comes – an interview with Di Adams

A delightfully middle-aged Di Adams plays the role of Hester in the Griffin production Wicked Sisters and she is delighted to be back on the stage, and delighted to be in a play by feminist Alma de Groen that feels “even more relevant than ever”.

An Enchanted Evening

Riverside Theatres must be congratulated on having ensured that their audiences can stay connected and entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown through Riverside Theatre Digital. Now as theatres re-open, Riverside’s An Enchanted Evening eases the transition back to theatre-going by offering audiences the choice of seeing the show in-theatre or live-streamed into their homes.

Laughter is the best medicine – an interview with Luke Holmes

Producer Luke Holmes is fully conscious that audiences may have become accustomed to watching theatre from the best seat in their own home. Consequently, he and director Davey Seagles are promising theatregoers 70 minutes of escapist fun in Hotel Bella Luna which opens at the Marrickville’s Flight Path Theatre on October 22.

A Room of One’s Own

While it was a joy to be back watching a live theatre performance, we might ask is there need for yet another stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s well-known and loved defence of women’s need for creative freedom. If audience reaction is an indication, then Carissa Licciardello and Tom Wright’s latest adaptation has been completely validated, not by a noisy standing ovation but by something much deeper, a few seconds pause, an intake of breath, the sound of thinking before the clapping begins.

Welcome to the Masque

Streamed once and once only, but capable of reaching a global audience, Welcome to the Masque is a welcome relief from the constant barrage of Covid-19 media coverage. The title’s play upon “masque”, a form amateur theatricals and a popular court entertainment in the eighteenth century, wittily references the current command or recommendation to wear a mask.

Stay Creative, Stay Connected – and funded

It is difficult at any time for our small...

Why not binge watch STC Virtual?

The Sydney Theatre Company is plugging the large “theatre-shaped”...

Bangarra stays connected

Bangarra Dance Theatre’s new work, SandSong, telling the stories of the land and the people of the Kimberley country, was set to tour Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Bendigo in June to September this year but owing to Covid-19 the tour was postponed until 2021.

Gruesome Playground Injuries

Following the success of Lyle Kessel’s Orphans, Red Line Productions (Artistic Director, Andrew Henry), presented a live-streamed reading of Gruesome Playground Injuries by award-winning American playwright, Rajiv Joseph. The reading featured actors Rose Byrne (in New York), Ewan Leslie (in Sydney) with musical accompaniment by guitarist John Butler (in Perth) and stage directions by Anna Houston.

All the web’s a stage

What to do when theatres are locked down during the Covid-19 crisis? Theatre editor Catherine Skipper has got you covered.

ArtsLab: Behind Closed Doors

ArtsLab: Behind Closed Doors is the youth-led Shopfront Arts Co-op’s annual emerging artists’ festival, featuring a program of five works exploring the theme of personal and intimate experience.

The Campaign

The award-winning play The Campaign brings the courageous and determined struggle by Tasmania’s LGBTQI activists to repeal their state’s harsh and archaic anti-gay legislation to the mainland.