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A Case for the Existence of God

God doesn’t rate a mention in Samuel D. Hunter’s sensitive and probing A Case for the Existence of God, however faith is rewarded in a low-key and moving way. Faith in what, we ask, or is it simply the hope that things in the end might turn out not to be irredeemably wretched for both characters in this tightly directed absorbing two-hander.

Green Dot

The eponymous green dot of this novel has a very significant role in the relationship of the two central characters of this text, it being the green dot that tells others that you're online when you’re on Instagram.

Midnight Oil – telling our stories

The Silver River: A memoir of family – lost, made and found … from the Midnight Oil founding member.

Dune Part Two

Can three sci-fi or fantasy novels fit into two or three movies? If you haven’t read the original Dune “series” of three books in one then following Dune Part Two will be as much a challenge as following the Lord of the Rings movies if you hadn’t read J.R.R. Tolkien’s three books.

Some artworks are bound by frames, some bounce around the walls

Bridget Kelly is an abstract colourist artist, with a...

Healing and many other things Artist Profile: Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is a descendant of the Wiradjuri people of western NSW. She was born in Erskineville in 1957, the fourth of Eleanor and Matthew James Smith’s five children. As a child, Sharon was very close to her extended family.

Australia Felix

Australia Felix is an entertaining and thoughtful play. Writer Geoffrey Sykes has chosen the ideal story through which to probe our chequered history and the uncertainty of our future, the cast is very appealing in their various roles and have good voices, and Steve Wood’s songs are both catchy and purposeful.

‘Sendai Tōhoku’

Hana Takahashi a swordfish and maguro fisherman in Shiogama city ...


Collide is Shopfront’s most recent ArtsLab program showcasing the work of emerging artists who are given not only the opportunity to develop their work but also the support of practising professional artists. The current festival of new work includes three completely original and, each in their unique way, inspiring theatrical performances.

‘Dilemma posed by my teacup’

Handmade is written on the base ...

Holding the Man

Adapted by Tommy Murphy from Tim Conigrave’s 1995 best-selling memoir, first staged in 2006 and turned into a film in 2015, Holding the Man, while a queer classic of  Sydney literature and stage, has almost reached mythic status.


God willing ...

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

Have you ever wondered how it might be possible to make your life 30-50 per cent longer? I have.

Art of intuition and composition Artist Profile: Hillary Monckton

Image-maker Hillary Monckton is newly enrolled in a visual arts program at the University of Sydney. “I feel I am more of an art student than an artist,” she says. “There’s so much reading to do!”

‘A celebration of blackness by queer black artists’

Boomalli’s 2024 Mardi Gras exhibition, My Sovereign Black Body, explores First Nations identity “stripped back to the basics”.

‘Vancouver Weather’

I did not save the pieces ...

‘Schroedinger’s Bowl’

These cracks aren’t golden ...

‘gold tipped fingers’

gold tipped fingers ...

‘Gilding the Lily’

In relief, three lions’ heads ...

Photos from Mardi Gras 2024

Michelle Haywood captures the excitement of the 2024 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Agapi and Other Kinds of Love

Agapi and Other Kinds of Love is an innovative and intriguing show merging hip-hop beats with music for ancient instruments and swinging in time between Athens in 416 BCE and the modern-day city. The text, exploring different kinds of love and inspired by Plato’s The Symposium is performed by poet and rapper Luka Lesson ...

‘Starry Skies’

Country teaches you to draw ...


In winter’s grasp a world of ice unfolds ...

Alone It Stands

You don’t need to know much about rugby to enjoy this warm, effervescent, funny rendition of an iconic match in 1978 between the formidable All Blacks from New Zealand and an amateur team from Limerick in Munster, Ireland.

Bright Shining: How Grace Changes Everything

The premise of Bright Shining is both profound and simple – grace is everywhere and we are enriched by it as individuals and as a community when we are receptive to its power and beauty.

Poor Things

Poor Things is surreal, deep and meaningful, tiptoes around political correctness, varies between darkly comic and slapstick, and is sexually complex. If that sounds like you, then Poor Things is your perfect film – and you’re an immense character much like most of the characters in the film.

‘written in a time of revolution’

do you remember ...

Tiny Beautiful Things

The audience reaction to Tiny Beautiful Things was rapt attention throughout and rapturous applause at the close. This moving and life-affirming performance based on Cheryl Strayed’s best-seller and adapted for theatre by Nia Varlados comes at a time when many are struggling to find consolation or hope in dark and confusing times.


The play is an adaptation of Anita Heiss’ much-loved novel and now, as a part of Sydney Festival’s Blak Out program, it is Sydney’s turn to enjoy this funny, heartwarming theatrical treat.

‘Snowflakes and Diamonds’

Nature, that great designer ...

‘Crystal Palace’

Born on the 2nd of the 2nd, 1922 ...

Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall

Would you like to go to the theatre and enjoy a night of sheer fun, ridiculous antics and hilariously organised chaos? As good as pre-Christmas drinks, the Ensemble’s absurd romp Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall offers a welcome escape from responsible adulthood and permission to indulge in giggling at Kilmurry and Oxenbould’s cheerfully zany take on the well-worn phrase “What could go wrong?”

‘Tubular Bells’

Basle ...

‘Crystal Set’

Citrine, turquoise, candle quartz ...

A Pilgrim’s Poetry (1990-1993)

I declare my not very remarkable prejudices. I like poetry that, audibly or not, involves a voice, a created tone or timbre that seems the authentic expression of a particular consciousness. What is expressed, those ideas, attitudes or sentiments with which are revealed or intimated livingness that has ideas, attitudes and sentiments and whose utterance of them said, or sung I am made to feel genuine, true and thereby beautiful.

In my own words

My name is Isaiah Soares and I am a...


The 2023 Napoleon film is truly an epic. It has awesome battle scenes and historical sequences. Indeed all 180 films featuring Napoleon Bonaparte since 1897 no doubt have epic elements.

Fair to fund workshop teachers

WATERLOO: The inaugural Orchard Gallery Spring Fair was held...

The Master and Margarita

The enthusiastic opening night audience gave a standing ovation to Eamon Flack’s ambitious and magical adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s complex and layered novel The Master and Margarita. What is the connection between a novel written during the Stalinist regime and only published as a complete book in 1967 and a contemporary audience whose freedom of expression seems unrestricted by comparison?

The Lost Boys

Taking inspiration from the concept of the Lost Boys, Peter Pan’s companions, the Little Eggs Collective has devised a mesmerising hour-long performance of soundscape, movement and spoken word exploring the volatile emotional “innerscape” of the modern pre-teen.


Out of swirling patterns of slime ...


Senses working overtime ...


In fields of flowers, petals in array ...

‘the pattern maker’

folded selvage to selvage ...

‘I left my DNA behind’

I left my DNA behind ...

‘I was a killa’

I was a killa ...

Novella way to catch the bus

Hayden Field describes his life as plot twist after plot twist. So it’s not surprising that, in his final year of school, he went to Story Factory to write his own book, a novella called Bus of ’96

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

Johann Hari writes compellingly about his struggle with depression and addiction.

In/Out: A Scandalous Story of Falling into Love and Out of the Church

Steph Lentz rose to prominence in 2021, after being sacked by her conservative Christian school when she spoke about her lesbianism.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is one of a series of four novels by Japanese author Toshikazu Kawaguchi, whose previous work was as playwright, director and producer for theatrical group Sonic Snail.

Killers of the Flower Moon

When is an epic not epic? When it’s just long.

The Memory of Water

Shelagh Stephenson’s 1996 prize-winning play The Memory of Water is surprisingly relevant as it explores the influence, actual or imagined, of a mother upon the future lives of her children.