Thursday, June 3, 2021



Surfing provides good vibes for Waterloo kids

Children associated with Weave in Waterloo recently got tips from Let’s Go Surfing about riding the white water at Bondi Beach.

More than just a driver… in the end

Since retiring from her career as a suburban solicitor, Kerry had been working one day a week for nearly five years as a volunteer...

Mental illness – what to say, and what not to say

Have you ever had a friend react badly when...

Uniting urges ‘bold’ reform of drug laws

Emma Maiden of Uniting contends that “our current drug...

Is your heart safe at work?

This World Day for Safety and Health at Work,...

Survey shows female heart attack survivors worse off than men

A woman in Australia who has a heart attack...

Health tips that go a long way

In 2020 many of us started paying a lot...

Heart smart head start in REDFEB

This February, Heart Research Australia invites all Australians to...

‘Buy One, Give One’ masks for people in need

Purchase a box of face masks from St John...

Boxing to beat Parkinson’s

ALEXANDRIA: A fitness class is proving beneficial for people...

‘Online restorative yoga has reduced my pandemic fatigue’

Spent too many hours hunched over your computer during Covid-19? Head pounding from worry and interrupted sleep? Online restorative yoga might help.

Covid comes home

“There’s a Covid ‘cluster’ at my gym.” Did I...

Long fight to live pain free

Grace Corcoran, 24, lived with chronic pain from endometriosis...

Compulsive internet use by teens linked to emotional issues

This article is sponsored by the University of Sydney....

Quarantine routine – Adam, Virginia and August

We are united but isolated. I am safe in...

When the city turns silent

All around the world, countries are trying to contain...

Quarantine routine – Emma

I realised Covid-19 had entered my consciousness on a...

Isolation enlightenment

As the world juddered to a halt due to...

Loneliness during Covid-19 and where to find help

The Covid-19 pandemic has produced and exacerbated feelings of loneliness but people are finding creative ways to cope.

Coronavirus spurs clever Finnish campaign to combat loneliness

HelsinkiMissio’s campaign slogan is “For some this is how the world has always felt. Show the lonely they are not alone.”

Spread only kindness

As the coronavirus pandemic bites more deeply, people across the globe are hurting and grieving – the people of South Sydney among them. Over the last month, we have watched and listened with pride and gratitude as people in our area have reached out, acted generously and banded together online and (safely) through other means.

Servicing the community at a distance

The advice is clear: we must maintain a physical distance in order to slow the spread of Covid-19. If we do not follow this advice, the disease will spread too quickly and consequentially overwhelm our hospitals. Our health system will be under immense stress and people may die unnecessarily.

Prostate cancer – don’t assume it can’t happen to you

Through a red mist I tell the nurse I’m not a judge on Dancing with the Stars, and I’m not in the mood for scoring this particular event, but if I really have to, I’ll give it an 8.

Covid-19: Gleebooks – ‘Books can sustain us when the world goes dark’

Gleebooks is staying positive and being innovative in offering free postage and reading recommendations for isolation. They'd also love you to buy books – and especially those by Australian authors!

Covid-19: The Social Outfit – ‘Social connection is why we are here’

NEWTOWN: When we asked The Social Outfit (TSO) what will help them survive the impact of COVID–19 they said please shop online.

Covid 19: Cancer Council support available for isolated cancer patients

COVID-19 is a major cause of concern for all cancer patients and social isolation can make an already difficult time even worse. Director of the Cancer Council NSW, Annie Miller, assures patients and their carers that support is available.

Shades of Purple campaign highlights spectrum of epilepsy

The largest provider of services for the 250,000 people living with epilepsy in Australia is advocating for greater recognition for epilepsy as a spectrum disorder.

‘Do what’s most meaningful,’ says Dr Demartini

It was exciting to interview international motivational speaker Dr John Demartini, who was a contributor to the bestselling book The Secret and has been my mentor.

Who are you wearing red for this Valentine’s Day?

This February, we invite Australians to get involved with Wear Red Day for someone close to their heart to help keep families together for longer.

Small steps towards Fair Treatment of personal drug use

A groundswell of public and expert opinion suggests we...

Eating disorders treatment – like peeling an artichoke

Eating artichokes requires patience just as treating eating disorders does.

World-first trial for treatment of conjunctivitis

Cold and flu season is in full swing, and along with the usual coughs and sneezes, a lesser-known side effect of the flu is a viral strain of conjunctivitis.

Indigenous mental health – a crisis

One in five Australians aged 16 to 85 experiences...

Dementia research finds its perfect match online

This article is Sponsored by the University of Sydney....

Powerful film steps courageously into drug reform debate

This article is sponsored by Uniting, the Board of...

Chronic disease sufferers need support

Chronic illnesses or diseases are conditions that last for longer than three months. In many cases they last for many years or a lifetime.

Live longer with care from the same doctor

Continuity between patient and doctor is associated with lower mortality rates.

Travelling with your medicines

As many people go away around December and January, it seems timely to discuss medication considerations when travelling.

Better access to health services

We are at work on the very exciting RPA HealthOne East project at Green Square and Waterloo.

Cuddles and koalas

I’m really worried about the future of koalas.

Not a laughing matter

After a recent party, my husband was bewildered by the discovery of small metal gas cannisters near our back fence.

Excellent services, creative achievements, links to community

The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse opened five years ago so we are celebrating our collaboration with them in November.

Soy – a healthy food, not a wonder drug

So, is soy good or bad for you? There have been a number of scientific studies investigating this question in recent years.

Navigating the health system

If you are yet to be vaccinated, please see your GP soon.

Keeping stroke front of mind

National Stroke Week from September 3-9 and worldwide AF Awareness Week from September 17-23

Feedback on local health needs

It has been a very busy month across Sydney Local Health District – and a cold one.

Strategic plan – excellence in health and healthcare for all

The Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), which provides hospital, health services and support services to the central Sydney district, has released a strategic plan and vision looking forward to 2022

At the first stroke

When a person is having a stoke, time is of the essence. Forget about ringing your doctor, or a friend. Just dial 000 and head straight to hospital.

Planning your own death

It’s just really about getting you to think about a natural part of life (i.e. death), and what you might be able to do to smooth your passing when the time comes.

Winter health matters

Welcome to July and another busy month across Sydney Local Health District.

Your local health services

Welcome to Sydney Local Health District’s first monthly column in the South Sydney Herald.

Could it be my thyroid?

May is thyroid awareness month.