Sunday, May 22, 2022
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OzHarvest pop-up café

Chef for a cause, Travis Harvey, is heading up the rescued food kitchen and is the mastermind behind the concept. “The idea behind OzHarvest is simple,” Mr Harvey says.

“Every day our regular food recipients face the same problem, what to do with surplus food that society has rejected because of its appearance, discolouration or slight imperfections? We want people to discover that there’s nothing wrong with this produce and that high-quality, nutritious and wholesome meals can be made from ingredients that would normally be discarded simply by the application of a little imagination and effort.”

OzHarvest collects approximately 340,000 kilograms of surplus food each month from all types of food businesses including supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, catering companies, events and even farms.

Ronni Kahn wants to inspire people to get back to basics and challenge them to waste less. “In a society where abundance is now seen as normal, we need to challenge perceptions and behaviour. We need people to think of the consequences of our wasteful habits and how it impacts on the environment and our planet,” Ms Kahn says.

The OzHarvest pop-up café at 56 Harris Street, Pyrmont, is open for lunch until the end of July, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11.30am to 2.30pm. Bookings are not required. The menu will change week-to-week based on the ingredients rescued, with a set price per head of $15.

From Thursday to Saturday evenings and Sunday lunches the pop-up space will be open as Baraka pop-up restaurant, where proceeds will also go to OzHarvest.

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