Tuesday, June 8, 2021




School children put on rations for refugees

Schoolchildren and teachers are being invited to eat like a refugee during the week leading up to World Refugee day (June 14-19); get sponsored;...

The Big Issue turns 25 this week — and it’s ‘awesome’

The Big Issue will celebrate 25 years this week, marking the quarter-century milestone with a very special bumper birthday magazine edition out on Friday...

More than just a driver… in the end

Since retiring from her career as a suburban solicitor,...

Webinar helps safeguard Rainbow elders from abuse

People from the Rainbow community concerned about elder abuse...

Online threats to teens closer to home

Some of the greatest online dangers to teenagers comes...

New dinner series supports Sydney refugees

On February 25, social enterprise Welcome Merchant launched a...

Try this egg-cellent list to aid your ethical Easter shopping

Choose your chocolate wisely this Easter using the Easter scorecard to work out which big brands are free of child labour, farmer impoverishment, and deforestation.

Help is at hand where ‘invisible fires’ still burn says Stone

NRMA Insurance and Lifeline have partnered with Australian music icon Julia Stone to highlight the continued need for mental health support for people affected by the devastating fires throughout the 2019-2020 season.

Offset your chocolate this Easter to give kids a go

In the lead up to Easter, Be Slavery Free is asking people to offset the human cost of their chocolate by donating the difference between current store prices for chocolate and a living income price for cocoa farmers. Here's why ...

JobSeeker cuts will render unemployed too impoverished to seek work

Reducing JobSeeker payments will make it more difficult for...

New rainbow path primed for Mardi Gras

SURRY HILLS: A new rainbow path that snakes through...

Refurbished mobiles bridge digital divide

The gap is growing between people who have access to technology and smart devices and those that do not.

Sea museum partners with SSI to strengthen support for new migrants

Two organisations deeply involved in migration to Australia signed...

Pandemic needs broaden GAPP’s reach

GLEBE: A church in Glebe has been helping the...

Youth speak out for a fairer future

Reporter Isabelle Thorpe-Spry spoke with Weave CEO Siobhan Bryson...

Clothing – the forgotten basic human right

DARLINGHURST: A Sydney company is providing vulnerable people with...

Five October days to support

It's good to give ... and October is packed with great causes you can support.

King hit by Covid but Parliament rises

Covid-19 has disrupted many hospitality businesses and left customers...

Sea museum partners with SSI to strengthen support for new migrants

Two organisations deeply involved in migration to Australia signed...

New OzHarvest market offers food relief to locals

WATERLOO: A former local grocery store in the Waterloo...

Calls for premier to implement legislation to end modern slavery

A consortium of more than 117 organisations has come...

‘We are the change’ for LGBTIQA+ young people

On August 28, Wear it Purple Day celebrated its...

Domestic Violence NSW calls for more social and affordable housing

Domestic Violence NSW (DVNSW) has called on the NSW...

Women shoulder brunt of household work during Covid-19

Women are performing the majority of household duties, despite...

Messages we convey to children can help prevent domestic violence

In late June a major newspaper ran the headline...

Public housing transfers well managed?

Between October 2018 and September 2019, the NSW government...

Regular income needed for asylum seekers

Living without a regular income can make life difficult...

Working to extend the safety net

How many times during the Covid crisis have we...

Say thanks to unsung heroes safeguarding older Australians from Covid-19

Australians are being urged to thank aged care workers – the forgotten heroes of Australia’s response to the pandemic – in a new campaign launched by Uniting NSW.ACT.

MSIC – saving lives, bringing hope

Imagine growing up in a dysfunctional family on Sydney’s outskirts – surrounded by violence, a culture of drinking and drug-taking, all leading to alcohol dependence by age 13.

DV danger can intensify with Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has produced and exacerbated feelings of loneliness but people are finding creative ways to cope.

Meet Allison Forrest, diaconal student

This week I interviewed Allison Forrest, the South Sydney Herald's new distribution coordinator (with a focus on caring for volunteers).

Forbes’ photos unfurl beauty and intricacy in the ordinary

“Sometimes we just need the time and space – physical and emotional – to be able to pause to experience them … to soak in the details that can go unseen in everyday life.”

Loneliness during Covid-19 and where to find help

The Covid-19 pandemic has produced and exacerbated feelings of loneliness but people are finding creative ways to cope.

Coronavirus spurs clever Finnish campaign to combat loneliness

HelsinkiMissio’s campaign slogan is “For some this is how the world has always felt. Show the lonely they are not alone.”

Uniting seeks social justice in the pandemic

The world is moving very quickly around all of us. For Uniting to be able to continue to support the people who rely on us, we need to be able to respond quickly too.

Jesuit Refugee Service – ‘we need help’

The Covid-19 crisis is affecting charities and the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), which provides services to over 3,000 refugees and asylum seekers a year in its two centres at Parramatta and Westmead, is in urgent need of donations of food, money and volunteers.

Light up the dawn … but at a distance this ANZAC Day

With planned ANZAC Day services around the country cancelled...

Women’s jazz tribute night helps girls find refuge

Johnston Street Jazz, one of Sydney’s most respected jazz venues, hosted a magnificent celebration of International Women’s Day at its location in the Annandale Arts Centre on March 12.

Green grocer a food hub for NGOs

In late March, in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Addi Road Community Centre extended its Food Pantry operations with a new Emergency Food Preparedness and Response Centre.

Easter chocolate without harm (here’s how)

Australians typically spend more than A$200 million on chocolate over Easter. To ensure children, farmers and the environment don't suffer during its production, Be Slavery Free recommends buying chocolate from companies that are trying to do the right thing.

Why doesn’t Batman have a domestic to-do list?

Do we all remember the pink Batgirl T-shirt that sent online community groups into a tailspin? A decade ago, I would have agreed. It’s a T-shirt, it’s harmless, what’s the big deal?

Pound the pavement to keep kids safe from family violence

In mid-February, many Australians were shocked to learn that Hannah Clarke and her three children had been doused in petrol and set on fire in a car by the children’s father, Rowan Baxter.

Uniting Church marchers in Mardi Gras affirmed what matters most

Eighty people affiliated with the Uniting Church in NSW and the ACT marched in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade on February 29, to mark the theme WHAT MATTERS.

It’s time to tackle wealth inequality

It’s Lunar New Year, and there are around 1,000...

Grant extends care for rough sleepers and their pets

Faced with the choice of giving up their best...

Who are you wearing red for this Valentine’s Day?

This February, we invite Australians to get involved with Wear Red Day for someone close to their heart to help keep families together for longer.

The Uniting Church celebrates the life and legacy of the Rev. Harry Herbert

The Uniting Church community is celebrating the life and...

Give hope with a Christmas voucher

The Uniting Give Hope Christmas Voucher Appeal has begun...

Why money isn’t the only solution to preventing male violence

What’s clear is that the way we’re approaching male-to-female violence isn’t working. What we’re doing isn’t changing attitudes towards women as quickly as it should be.

Blessing of the Christmas Bowls

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Christmas...