Tuesday, May 17, 2022



Sensor bracelet designed to give back control to hand-impaired

People who lack the ability to use their hands from conditions like motor neurone disease and cerebral palsy may one day be able to play video games that require a handheld controller through the use of customisable, wearable 3D printed bracelets.

Can music slow the onset of neurodegenerative disease?

A new collaboration between the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) is designing a musical intervention to help those at risk of cognitive decline.

Meet your new councillors

Amid lots of Council inductions, getting access to their Council emails and trying to recruit staff, two of the new City of Sydney councillors found time to introduce themselves this month.

Vale Sadie, Glebe campaigner

Active campaigner for public housing in Glebe and advocate for women’s rights in the workplace Sarah Murdoch King – known to most Glebe locals as Sadie (and to some as the “Queen of Glebe”) – died on January 17 just one month after her 100th birthday.

City of Sydney’s line-up decided

Clover Moore was declared lord mayor of the City...

Moore’s team set for majority at Town Hall

The elections for the City of Sydney Council and...

Cartoon show – ‘norrie has social justice in her sights’

The SSH Cartoon Show launched on December 1 was a long time coming – but it was worth the wait.

New mural in Redfern urges #ActionForAfghanistan

A striking new mural on the corner of Woodburn and Cleveland Streets in Redfern is offering community members a simple way to spur the Morrison Government to ramp up its response to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Local Government Elections 2021 – City of Sydney

The NSW local government elections will be held on...

Lord mayoral candidate profiles – City of Sydney

The NSW local government elections will be held on...

Workshops build compassionate response to people seeking asylum

Uniting’s Advocacy team has been working alongside the Asylum...

Sydney residents demand federal election candidates #StopAdani

ALEXANDRIA: As it is becoming evident that climate change is one of the leading issues amongst voters this federal election, community groups have been seeking responses on environmental issues at candidates forums across Sydney.

Sydney Candidate Profiles – Federal Election 2019

The federal election is Saturday May 18.

Parties need to ‘bring it’ to election

It’s that time of the election cycle again when the various parties promise funds for varying issues across the community.

Sydney candidates – NSW election 2019

The seat of Sydney includes Surry Hills (north), Paddington, Potts Point, Ultimo (east) and Woolloomooloo.

Balmain candidates – NSW election 2019

The seat of Balmain includes Glebe and Ultimo (west).

Newtown candidates – NSW election 2019

The seat of Newtown includes Chippendale, Darlington, Erskineville, Eveleigh, Newtown, Redfern, Surry Hills (south) and Waterloo (north).

Heffron candidates – NSW election 2019

The seat of Heffron includes Alexandria, Beaconsfield, Erskineville (east), Rosebery, Waterloo (south) and Zetland.

Marching for clean air, water, energy

One year out from the next state election people from all parts of Sydney and NSW issued a powerful call for clean, renewable energy.

Regional Forest Agreements set to be renewed with minimal consultation

Regional Forest Agreements are the legal means by which logging of public native forests takes place.

Bring detainees to Australia, protesters insist

'We are Australians and we are ashamed. We are afraid that we are breaching international human rights agreements. These people are human beings.

45 years since martial law first imposed in the Philippines

Parallels with President Duterte at commemoration of 45th anniversary of Marcos declaring martial law.

Hiroshima never again

Let us not repeat the past but do something new, working on the things that make for peace in our homes and communities.

Erica Liu independent candidate – City of Sydney Council election 2016

Meet Erica Lui the only non-aligned independent standing as candidate for councillor.

Labor candidates for City of Sydney Council

Meet Linda Scott and the Labor candidates for 2016 City of Sydney Council election.

Clover Moore Independent candidates for City of Sydney Council

Meet Clover Moore and the Clover Moore Independent team candidates for 2016 City of Sydney Council elections.

The Greens candidates for City of Sydney Council

Meet Lindsay Johnston and The Greens' candidates for the 2016 City of Sydney Council election.

Sydney Matters candidates for City of Sydney Council

Meet Angela Vithoulkas and Sydney Matters candidates for 2016 City of Sydney Council election.

Liberal candidates for City of Sydney Council

Meet Christine Forster and the Liberal candidates for 2016 City of Sydney Council elections.

Tula Tzoras (Online Direct Democracy) – Sydney electorate candidates 2016

The SSH posed eight questions to the candidates announced...

Tanya Plibersek (Labor) – Sydney electorate candidates 2016

Infrastructure Investment in public infrastructure is critical for Australia now...

Sylvie Ellsmore (The Greens) – Sydney electorate candidates 2016

Infrastructure Successive state and federal governments have failed to plan...

Peter Boyle (Socialist Alliance) – Sydney electorate candidates 2016

The SSH posed eight questions to the candidates announced by May 24, 2016. The responses of those who replied are included here.

Sydney Electorate – redistribution changes

In 2013, sitting member Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, was elected with a two-party preferred margin of 14.7 per cent. In the latest boundary redistribution, the seat of Sydney became slightly less safe for Labor, but still very safe.

Fair go, Australia

Can we really say we are a country that believes in a fair go? Social and political prejudices are contradicting our core Australian values, argues Peter Maher.

Diverse, safe, vibrant community: An interview with Jenny Leong

Greens MP Jenny Leong relishes the privilege of having been elected to serve the people of Newtown. The past month has seen her give an inaugural speech in parliament, set up an electoral office in King Street, and engage a host of constituents on key issues including the WestConnex project, the Central to Eveleigh development, affordable housing and the maintenance of “diverse, safe, vibrant community spaces”. It’s an exciting time for the newly elected MP who brings palpable enthusiasm and expertise in a range of fields well suited to her portfolio responsibilities: Arts and Creative Industries, Rental and Tenancy Housing, LGBTIQ and Human Rights.

Historic win – the Greens take Newtown

The South Sydney Herald is distributed across four state seats: Heffron, Sydney, Newtown and Balmain. Since the state election on March 28, only Heffron is held by a major party.

The battle for Balmain

Balmain is shaping up to be a hotly contested seat between sitting member Jamie Parker (Greens), former member and Minister Verity Firth (Labor), and 24-year-old Lyndon Gannon (Liberal), an office manager for a pro-Liberal lobbying consultancy.

Heffron – changes and challenges

Heffron is considered to be a safe seat for Labor but is changing rapidly, particularly in areas like Alexandria, Zetland and Mascot.

Sydney – inner-city diversity

Alex Greenwich is opposed to the sale of inner-city...

Questionable business of double voting

The proposed changes to council elections have been met with strong opposition from many members of the City of Sydney. The changes, which are part of the bill introduced to the state parliament on August 14 by Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Bersak, would see businesses given two votes in elections.