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Marjorie Lewis-Jones


What does a death doula do?

Renee Adair is a “womb to tomb” doula. She’s also the founder and director of the Australian Doula College based in Marrickville. Some of...

How We Came to Be: Creatures of Camouflage and Mimicry

I’ve got a couple of young nephews who are going to love How We Came to Be: Creatures of Camouflage and Mimicry.

Meet Mim

Mim’s tantalising tale of transformation set on the shallow, sandy seabed is another fine picture book to add to Sandra Severgnini’s captivating titles

Frank Moorhouse: A Life

To write Frank Moorhouse: A Life Catherine Lumby dug deep into Moorhouse’s life and relationships for this sparkling biography – and it is rich territory.

Five Aussie authors going great guns

I relished all these great Aussie books ...  and hope you do too.

Is There Something Wrong with that Lady?

Is There Something Wrong with that Lady? ... No! There's a super Aussie Scheherazade at work.


Immaculate is a captivating and unusual novel. It is also a nuanced examination of how faith grasped hungrily but imposed narrowly can segue into a slipperier sense of becoming, a wild tributary pulsing with possibility and sorrow.

When Grandma Burnt Her Bra

‘She burnt her bra to make a PROTEST. This is what you do when something is not right.’

The Homesick Pirate

On the surface, Peta seems like your typical pirate with his wooden leg, parrot on his shoulder, eye patch, Jolly Roger and propensity for exclaiming AAARRrgggh ...

NAIDOC – Elders honoured, call for choice through Voice

GADIGAL LAND: A festive air infused the NAIDOC celebrations at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) Community Day on July 3, with performances...

‘We need to talk about ageing?’ – an interview with Melissa Levi

Author Melissa Levi says, “We Need to Talk About Ageing is the very book I wish my own family had been able to access,...

‘Jack’s different way of thinking is his superpower’ – an interview with Gabrielle Bassett

Gabrielle Bassett’s adventurous new book Jack’s Best Day Ever! is about friendship between two children, each with their own unique disability and neurodiversity. Jack is...

Believing the Black Witness and the power of YES

Two keynote speakers at the Sydney Writers’ Festival raised questions about the power of words to eradicate racism and build a more equitable future...

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about this killer

When my blood pressure reading consistently came in at around 149/83 my doctor was concerned. That my mother died of a heart attack at...

Backyard Footy 

A superb energy flows through Backyard Footy – carrying the reader into the lives and landscapes of some footy-crazed kids.

‘Montevideo Maru discovery should bring comfort to families’

When the wreck of the Montevideo Maru was discovered on April 18, 2023, Canberra-based author Margaret Reeson breathed a huge sigh of relief. The discovery of the Japanese prison...

New mural shimmers in Darlington

Fintan Magee’s new mural in Darlington of Patyegarang and William Dawes is compelling. “Lost Figures” stretches four storeys high and is located at 501 Wilson Street next to Carriageworks.

Five health hacks to get me moving more

I've known about the correlation between movement and health for some time. But this new book actually got me up off my chair with...

Shirley Hazzard: A Writing Life

Having this meticulous and moving memoir means we can continue to ponder Shirley Hazzard’s ingenuity across four novels, two story collections and several works of nonfiction, as well as in her speeches and personal letters.

Harriet’s Hungry Worms

There’s a world of delicious detail and wordplay in Harriet’s Hungry Worms – a new picture book from Samantha Smith (author) and Melissa Johns (illustrator) for readers aged 4 to 8.

Five mysteries to savour

Curl up with one of these clever crime novels as the Autumn chill sets in ... Mortimer amuses If you like Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club...

This Sweeney Todd was a cut above

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts’ recent production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was razor sharp and riveting.

Training can help everyday people tackle racism

Would you tell someone their racist jokes are offensive? Ask someone to stop sending you texts that demean an Indigenous person or a migrant?...

The House in the Pines

Readers who like magical realism will enjoy The House in the Pines ... and overall Reyes offers a pacy tale brimming with deft and dream-like description.

Community forum provides frank feedback to improve the NDIS

Heartfelt stories and frank feedback about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) at the Sydney NDIS Community Forum at Waterloo Neighbourhood Centre on February...

Easy Peasy

This bright berry of a book is upbeat and colourful.

Pop into Gleebooks’ pop-up shop at the old Glebe Post Office

It’s as Glebe as Galluzzo’s fruit and veg, so it’s great news that Gleebooks has a temporary home in the old Glebe Post Office...

New book highlights faces and voices of Sydney’s First Nations people

If you want to learn more about the ongoing impact of colonisation on Indigenous Australians living in Sydney – and particularly those living and...

Five books for when life is painful

Read one of these if you're feeling vulnerable as a new year hurtles into full swing ...

Artist’s activist voice rises in Ethical Expressions exhibition

Local artist Danielle Joy Golding was inspired to create the works that feature in her new exhibition at the Orchard Gallery in Waterloo after being chosen as a winner of the Blak & Blu pen-on-paper award in 2022.

Keating’s Redfern address sparks Redfern Oratorio

Paul Keating’s iconic “Redfern Speech” of 1992 is finding a fresh audience thanks to the Redfern Oratorio, which premiered in the Sydney Town Hall...

Five books to praise and prize

Drop everything and read! Start with one of these ... Courage to act? Claire Keegan’s Small Things Like These is the shortest book recognised in the...

‘Aurora-like play of light in glass’ – an interview with Bernadette Smith

The photos in Bernadette Smith's exhibition Light Interactions at Ironbark gallery in Strathfield are of light waves interacting within heritage glass at close range revealing an “aurora-like display”.

Shingles can be shocking – so get ahead of it

It’s more than a decade since I suffered my most debilitating post-herpetic nerve (PHN) pain in response to shingles but I still get shivers...

‘Is your child struggling to read? Get help early’ – an interview with Sally Rippin

Sally Rippin’s son, Sam, struggled to read – but she ignored her gut and thought he’d pick it up over time. She was wrong....

What are you … a drongo?

A laughing kookaburra watches for prey in Redfern Park ... A black swan shows off its white flight feathers in Sydney Park ... A...

PARTY | PROTEST | REMEMBER to feature First Nations’ finest at Carriageworks

PARTY | PROTEST | REMEMBER is a free event at Carriageworks held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Black Theatre and to bring First Nations’ creativity and concerns to all who attend.


‘My hope is that Naturopolis is a stepping stone – a way to intrigue city children about the nature that is surviving and thriving around them but is often overlooked.’

‘I wanted to write songs that uplifted people’ – an interview with Mardi Lumsden

Award-winning indie-pop singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Mardi Lumsden, released the third single from her sophomore album on October 6. In this Q&A she talks about...

Step up for your bone health

When Amanda Bath slipped on a tile and broke her foot it took many more weeks than it should have to heal. Her doctor’s concern...

Blak & Blu celebrates the bravery of using ballpoint

Four prize winners were chosen from 20 finalists in the second Blak & Blu art award for drawings which use black and/or blue biros on A4 paper announced on September 10.

Violin & Cello

Violin & Cello is Catherine Greer’s charming new picture book for children aged 4 to 8 – and it was inspired by an Instagram post she saw during the 2020 pandemic.

‘When I’m down, I play the chicken dance!’ – an interview with Philip de Villiers

Sydney-based musician Philip de Villiers is on a roll – performing in the Sydney Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and then heading off on a whistle-stop...

LOCK’D unlocked – an interview with Dirk Kruithof

CAMPERDOWN: Darlinghurst-based artist Dirk Kruithof’s solo exhibition LOCK’D is fun, grungy and confronting. Birthed during Covid lockdown, it’s also littered with contradictions, rife with musical...

Lived experience guides patient doctor

At 2 am during chemotherapy, while suffering from insomnia, Ben Bravery had a light bulb moment. To start the conversation with doctors about how...

Dementia doco puts its maker to the test

Redfern-based filmmaker Renée Brack's new feature documentary Ticketyboo explores dementia from a very personal perspective: her father died from Alzheimer’s disease. The film received a standing ovation at July 30 premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

All the Lovers in the Night

Ultimately, All the Lovers in the Night, surveys what gives us the courage to speak up, to speak in our own voice and to live into our own truths.


Grub lives in a hollow log deep in a rainforest and he can sense his body is about to change. The question he’d most like to answer is, ‘What will I become?’

Dedicated to the care of cats

Dr Michaela Avery opened the Inner West Cat Hospital in Newtown in September 2021 – a labour of love that’s been well worth it.

Five books worth stopping for

It’s icy outside. Find a sunny spot behind glass or a fire to warm you – and grab one of these fine books to keep you company.