Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Marjorie Lewis-Jones


Where the Heart Is

Author Irma Gold was inspired by a newspaper piece about an oil-drenched Magellanic penguin chick that washed up on an island outside Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and was rescued by an islander named Joao who named him Dindim.

Navigating consent? Grab this new guide

Welcome to Consent is a new book by adolescent health experts Yumi Stynes and Dr Melissa Kang, and it is timely, given disclosures by Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame, the removal of the federal government’s “milkshake” ad, and the Women’s March 4 Justice on March 15.

Growing Pains

The lush collage art this in picture book is a delight – adding whimsy and gentleness to a tender tale of empathy, kindness and care for the environment, and how to draw on the strengths of others to overcome your fears.

Kate Wadey Trio brings silky sounds to Zetland

ZETLAND: A couple of weeks ago, I got to hear the Kate Wadey Trio at Ruby’s Socials – a classic outdoor music club in...

‘Stop killing the canary in the coalmine’ – Q&A with artist Bettina Kaiser

Sydney-based artist Bettina Kaiser’s Natura Morta exhibition challenges viewers to recognise the climate crisis and to act on it in several ways, including collecting rubbish off their local streets in return for one of her artworks.

New mural celebrates local connections

DARLINGTON: Annandale-based artist Sharon Billinge has been collaborating with Darlington and Redfern locals to create a vibrant new mural to be completed in early...

Lofty lifts off – an interview with Helen Milroy

Western Australian of the Year, Dr Helen Milroy, has written and illustrated The Emu Who Ran Through the Sky, released in April, an exciting story for 5-10 year-olds about working together and finding the courage to be different.

‘Wake up – for the fire is among us’

In the crucible of Australia’s Black Summer Danielle Celermajer pondered the personal and broader implications of the climate catastrophe. Her book Summertime: Reflections on a Vanishing Future offers new language and concepts to help us tackle it.

Webinar helps safeguard Rainbow elders from abuse

People from the Rainbow community concerned about elder abuse can now watch a free webinar recorded as part of Mardi Gras 2021 which features...

Gold’s work of love exposes ‘elephant hell’

The Breaking by award-winning author and editor, Irma Gold, was released on March 1. In this Q&A she offers insights into her debut novel’s central love story and how we can stop the harm done to elephants through tourism.

Bindi encourages care for Country – an interview with Kirli Saunders

Kirli Saunders wrote Bindi as a call to action for young people to understand their role in conservation and caring for Country.

Displaced artists unpack meanings of Motherland

Social Justice print sponsor AC Law Group in memory of Trevor Davies, the South Sydney Herald’s founding editor and a friend to all in...

In and out the windows

In this Q&A, Catherine Skipper reveals how Covid-19 isolation prompted a popular Instagram project that brought people’s imaginative life and home life together in art and spawned ‘This Time 2020’, the Orchard Gallery’s current exhibition in Waterloo.

The Time of Our Lives

I’ve always loved Robert Dessaix’s ability to flip the script – and in The Time of Our Lives he doesn’t disappoint.

Five things elemental

Dive deep and fly high with these atmospheric books as you head into the silly season.

Matta’s ‘Life Bound’ stories are moving

Life Bound is Marian Matta’s debut collection of short stories – and it’s a beauty. Earthy characters, evocative settings, and intriguing plotlines make these 16 stories sing from the page.

Trash makes a splash in Redfern

Passionate campaigner against single-use items Julz Strykowski aka PluckFastic has been awarded the ART from TRASH 2020 Judge’s Prize for her work “Message on...

Chloe’s choreography comes alive at Carriageworks

Chloe Leong’s choreographic debut at Carriageworks is part of New Breed, which features works by four emerging choreographers. It’s also the first time the Sydney Dance Company (SDC) will perform live on stage in 2020.

‘Online restorative yoga has reduced my pandemic fatigue’

Spent too many hours hunched over your computer during Covid-19? Head pounding from worry and interrupted sleep? Online restorative yoga might help.

Tree Beings are smart beings

“Plant a tree, save the planet.” This is the short, take-home message of Tree Beings.

Five October days to support

It's good to give ... and October is packed with great causes you can support.

Covid comes home

“There’s a Covid ‘cluster’ at my gym.” Did I really just write that? I’ve been going to the City Tattersalls gym five mornings a week...

‘We are the change’ for LGBTIQA+ young people

On August 28, Wear it Purple Day celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and I helped a colleague write a speech for one of its events. Wear...

Five things to inspire connection

Adorable cows, shimmering deserts, and the deep currents that connect us.

Domestic Violence NSW calls for more social and affordable housing

Domestic Violence NSW (DVNSW) has called on the NSW government to invest in the construction of 5,000 social housing properties every year for the...

Five things slow and soulful

In iso-limbo, these things have helped me to drift rather than row against the tide. Pioneer portraits British composer Jessica Dannheisser (pictured) used seven portraits of...

Long fight to live pain free

Grace Corcoran, 24, lived with chronic pain from endometriosis for years. The pain started when she was 13 and, despite visiting an array of...

It’s time to try Plastic Free July

A new book by Plastic Free July founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and author Joanna Atherfold Finn encourages people to quit single-use plastics. In this Q&A...

Wear the Change for migrant and refugee women

NEWTOWN: As Covid-19 lockdowns lifted, Newtown-based sustainable fashion label, the Social Outfit, came up with a fun way to raise awareness and vital funds...


Lost ways. Lost bees. Lost serenity. It would be hard to watch this twice Oscar-nominated documentary and not feel devastated for Hatidze Muratova – one of the last Macedonian wild beekeepers.

Isla’s Family Tree

Isla’s Family Tree is a delightfully conceived picture book that features a little girl who can’t see how the twins her heavily pregnant mother is carrying will fit into her family.

Two Good’s recipe for success transforms lives

“For us it’s about creating love in a black takeaway container,” said Two Good’s head chef Jane Strode. “We work with our suppliers to get the best ingredients. Each dish is full of fresh, nutritious produce and cooked with love by our Two Good team.”

Five things in iso

Books and baking to help me flatten (or is that fatten?) the curve ... 

Spread only kindness

As the coronavirus pandemic bites more deeply, people across the globe are hurting and grieving – the people of South Sydney among them. Over the last month, we have watched and listened with pride and gratitude as people in our area have reached out, acted generously and banded together online and (safely) through other means.

Toward Antarctica – an insider’s love letter to one of the world’s wild places

Poet-naturalist Elizabeth Bradfield’s fourth collection, Toward Antarctica, (Red Hen Press), is an insider’s love letter to one of the world’s most iconic wild places, and I found it unique, moving and brilliantly informative.

‘Night Glow’ captures bigfin reef squid

Teenager Cruz Erdmann was on a night dive with his dad when he saw a pair of bigfin reef squid in the shallow water ...

‘Act urgently to save the world’s wild and wonderful creatures’

Urgent cooperative action is needed to prevent further destruction of the world’s reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef, and of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans on which many creatures and ecosystems depend.

Kirli connects kids to Country through poetry in First Languages

Kirli Saunders was recently selected as NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year. In this Q&A she talks about her groundbreaking project Poetry in First Languages, and her award-winning writing.

Five questions answered …

Five questions answered ... by three books and two other sources. 

Art casts light on human connection

EVELEIGH: Carriageworks feels very different from my previous visits thanks to the colourful hues of Rebecca Baumann’s “Radiant Flux” shifting across the walls and floors in response to sunlight.

Counting Our Country

Bakarra (long-necked turtles), jinma (bull sharks), and gundhurru (olive pythons) are three of the ten animals children will love counting as they turn the pages of Jill Daniels's Counting Our Country.

Grant extends care for rough sleepers and their pets

Faced with the choice of giving up their best friend or being accommodated in social housing where pets aren’t always welcome, many homeless people...

New Darling Square Library offers plenty to explore

Sydney’s new Darling Square Library is now open with more than 30,000 items available to borrowers and located over two floors of the Exchange.

Night Fishing: Stingrays, Goya and the Singular Life

In a summer of catastrophic bushfires, devastating loss of life, and relentless political slyness Vicki Hastrich’s Night Fishing: Stingrays, Goya and the Singular Life is a book of solace.

Summer reading highlights

These five books helped me weather a fiery summer ...

‘Love of the living’ shines in retro exhibition

WATERLOO: In 2018, when Australian environmentalist Bob Brown called for artists to visit the threatened ecosystem of the Tarkine in north-west Tasmania and to...

Parker’s art explodes your view

Cornelia Parker’s genius finds its perfect expression in her large-scale installation War Room, 2015. In this work, the prominent UK artist has suspended the...

Gentrification from local perspectives

The Redfern-Waterloo Tour of Beauty features prominently in the How the City Cares exhibition at Customs House in Circular Quay. It sits proudly among...

Unveiling hidden stories of migration for younger readers

These two books use evocative imagery and few words to tackle human and inhuman reactions to migration – and illustrating their consequences to younger readers.

Two artists draw the line together

Two artists on two afternoons. Watching the water and drawing. Capturing what they can see from their bench beside the Cook’s River, quickly and...