Tuesday, May 17, 2022



Red Shield Appeal vital to help people trapped in ‘shadow pandemic’ of DFV

In 2022, Giving to the Red Shield Appeal is vital to ensure The Salvation Army can continue its services to people trapped in the “shadow pandemic” – the increase in family and domestic violence that’s destroying lives

Scrapping sustainable planning principles is dystopian

“We do not have to wrestle between the immediate nature of the housing crisis and the similarly immediate nature of climate change,” writes Councillor HY William Chan. “What we do need is to facilitate policy and urban development that includes everyone.”

Hope is stronger than cynicism

This issue of the SSH is being published in the closing weeks of the federal election campaign.

Let’s get serious about climate justice

The recent deaths of three people in a fire at a Newtown boarding house on March 15 drove home the consequences that can result from a lack of housing choice. An array of people and organisations are calling for changes to ensure boarding houses are safer, more secure and affordable.

Back to School Appeal ‘thank you’ from The Smith Family

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation to everyone...

More support for boarding house residents

The recent deaths of three people in a fire at a Newtown boarding house on March 15 drove home the consequences that can result from a lack of housing choice. An array of people and organisations are calling for changes to ensure boarding houses are safer, more secure and affordable.

A is for Apple

In A is for Apple the battleground is the long-established Jewish patriarchal traditions that shape the behaviour, and the role in the Judaic community, of Jewish womanhood. It ends with a passionate, deeply moving appeal by the young Shoshana for new stories, new and inclusive imaginings.

Return to the world

What is the message of Easter? We might approach...

Australian Red Cross flood recovery grants now open

I write to let readers who were impacted, or...


A sneak peek into Waterloo South – the neighbourhood effect

So, I sit outside my Waterloo South unit in...

Sounding a warning for our birds

Songs of Disappearance features birdsongs of 53 of the rarest species in Australia on the brink of extinction.

Let us keep a holy Lent

In a recent small group discussion at South Sydney Uniting Church, participants considered ways we might practise our Lenten disciplines together.

Speaking out against the Religious Discrimination Bill

This open letter to the SCEGGS Darlinghurst Community urges...


Restful park in need of restrooms

So many of us enjoy Redfern Park – a...

Interfaith relationships enrich us all

Given the multicultural nature of the Australian community it is important people of various faiths share their ideas about life from the perspectives of their own faith, writes Dorothy McRae-McMahon.

Change is needed: A warning from Covid’s ground zero in aged care

New battle lines must be drawn, or Australian aged care risks defeat in the battle against Covid says CEO of Baptist Care in this open letter to the Prime Minister calling for change.

Help fight Australia’s biggest killer this February

Every 10 minutes an Australian suffers a heart attack....

Are we responsible for our own happiness?

Kaushik Sridhar says that if life were to give him a lemon he'd squeeze it on to a piece of Tandoori chicken and relish it. Here he offers a few more tips that have helped him to cultivate happiness and let go of negativity and frustration.

Christmas can be bittersweet

This year, as we emerge from the lockdowns and...

Will LAHC’s redevelopment profit pay for Aboriginal affordable housing?

The NSW government’s Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has...

Local artists express community concerns

The inaugural Blak & Blu art award for ink on A4 paper nears its official launch on December 11, 2-4pm, at the Orchard Gallery in Waterloo.

New religious discrimination bill will cause damage to Australian society that will be difficult to heal

The new religious discrimination bill should be a statement of how much Australia values religious diversity and our commitment to creating a society where everyone feels safe and valued. Instead, we've had a toxic debate that has unnecessarily divided the community.


Keep picnics a staple in Sydney’s social season

Through a dark and difficult few months, picnics truly...

Let us see each other’s faces

One of the clearest ways to see new ideas...

‘Keep Clear and Carry On’ campaign to keep white cane users safe

It has been revealed that over 70 per cent...

Sydney’s broad highway out of lockdown must carry us all

As Sydney’s lockdown restrictions lift, Randa Kattan, CEO of the Arab Council of Australia says “the road out must be a broad highway that can carry all of us, not just the lucky few”. Others say to “build back better” we must seek diverse perspectives from those communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

What brings freedom for the individual?

We look to the ideals of democracy to guarantee personal freedom, but does the democratic ideal guarantee true freedom for the individual?

Covid-19 is a hard slog – but hang in there

This is a frustrating time – we are all...

Regain control with the Red Cross Get Prepared App

As people continue to suffer the mental health effects...

Local Covid-19 testing and vaccination clinics for First Nations people

Walk-in Covid-19 vaccination and testing clinics are open in...

Religious Australians call on Scott Morrison to do more on climate

Over six hundred people of faith from around Australia...

Catching and spreading kindness – the children show us how

In a recent article in Australian Educational Leader, researchers...

Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” is possibly the most popular hymn around...

Covid crisis highlights need for Arts and Creative Industries reform

Across the arts community the impact of Covid-19 is catastrophic. Venues have shut their doors with little or no notice and organisations have been forced to cancel their programs and activities. It's time the Federal Government stepped in with real support.

Are we ‘third world’ in flattening the Covid curve?

Since March 2020, I have experienced six Covid-19 lockdowns...

Rethink Year 12 return – an open letter to the NSW Premier

Since the NSW government’s announcement that HSC students and...

Show us your true faith, Scott

When our prime minister, Scott Morrison, first took office,...

Localisation can help restore the planet

A greater appreciation for Indigenous cultures, a growing desire for connection to community and the natural world, and a shift towards farmers’ markets and community gardens are all indicators of a rising worldwide movement for localisation that is realigning our priorities with our deeper human values, as well as with the needs of the planet.

‘Meditation is our mainstay’

In this world there always have been, always will...

Coercive control checklist could save lives

A Pocket Guide to Relationships, Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control aims to help people understand how you can still be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship even where there is no physical violence. And it can be downloaded FREE in several languages.

Sorry? Then let’s fix it

Apologies are hollow if you keep doing the very...