Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lindsay Cohen

Film Editor – film@ssh.com.au

The Northman

If your taste in film is Shakespearean drama, Tarantino level violence and Viking legend then The Northman hits your sweet spot.

The Batman

The Batman doesn’t want to be a superhero film but unfortunately ultimately is. It’s torn between standard Marvel and DC story lines and trying to be a deep and complex noir thriller.

House of Gucci

In House of Gucci, by corrupting a true story that would make for a great documentary so that it could fit a simpler and more standard movie arc, Scott has mangled everything so much that very little works.


Nitram is about Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur massacre killer. So unlike most films, you know how it ends.

Nine Days

It took only four months to see Nine Days. The week we went into lockdown was the week I was scheduled to see a critics’ screening of the film. So, to say I was eagerly looking forward to finally seeing it is an understatement.

The Courier

The Courier is “based on a true story”. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Greville Wynne really was a businessman recruited by MI6 during the Cold War to undertake Soviet Union intelligence gathering activities.

Judas and the Black Messiah

Good films educate. They provide insight and cause reflection. Judas and the Black Messiah is a good film. It taught me important history lessons ...

Another Round

My fear about Another Round was that it would get all preachy about the dangers of drinking to excess and chart the inevitable descent of all involved ...


Nomadland is actually a gentle story about one woman’s lifestyle, partly thrust upon her by economic circumstances and partly chosen.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie is essentially a series of skits and pranks aimed at easy-target right-wing Trump-supporting Americans in an effort to demonstrate their ignorance.


To say that Tenet is a time-travel sci-fi film really doesn’t do it justice. Time isn’t travelled so much as it is scrunched up and folded over multiple times.


To say that Tenet is a time-travel sci-fi film really doesn’t do it justice. Time isn’t travelled so much as it is scrunched up and folded over multiple times.


The TV series Snowpiercer is great but may not reach the cult status of the film of the same name ...

The Last Dance, Sunderland ’Til I Die, Drive to Survive, The Test

In this weird sports-free world, sports junkies such as yours truly are looking far and wide for their fix. Bring on the sports documentary series, a relatively new phenomenon tailor made for the pay-per-view generation.


1917 is not a great WW1 film, but is a great piece of film-making. You probably know by now that it was all filmed in one simulated shot, using some very clever CGI, pin-point editing and some technical wizardry. And it works.

Queen & Slim

Queen & Slim reminds us there are other issues, also of life and death, that will persist well past the time that Covid-19 becomes as common as the cold and they shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored.


1917 is not a great WW1 film, but is a great piece of film-making. You probably know by now that it was all filmed in one simulated shot, using some very clever CGI, pin-point editing and some technical wizardry. And it works.

Judy & Punch

If you have a problem with the lack of strong female roles in cinema then Judy & Punch is the film for you. It’s overflowing with them.

Ad Astra

On the Kubrick-Lucas spectrum (trademark pending), where Kubrick sci-fi films are intense and moody and so deep you can’t see the bottom of them, and Lucas sci-fi films are operatic and melodramatic and fun, with plenty of weird looking aliens, Ad Astra definitely tends Kubrick.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

There’s not much that Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and The Nightingale have in common.

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 has pretty much ended its run in our cinemas, but that’s okay because this isn’t so much a review of Toy Story 4 but of how I viewed it.

Men in Black: International

If the preview I saw of Men in Black: International was a Sydney Film Festival (SFF) film rather than just showing at the same time as the SFF, people would have walked out on it.

Red Joan

Red Joan is probably the least thrilling spy film ever made.

Film – Stan & Ollie

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are regarded as the greatest comedy partnership in movie history, yet Stan & Ollie isn’t particularly funny.

The Favourite and Vice

Apart from the fact both films are nominated for the Oscars there’s little they have in common, apart from the hours spent in their make-up departments.

Film – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The attraction of the Coen brothers has always been their embracing of the surreal and their depiction of extreme characters on the edge of society.

Film – Venom

Venom, a movie so bad that two weeks later I’m struggling to remember almost anything about it.

Film – Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked is no Monty Python. There’s nothing surreal here – indeed it’s all very real. With few belly laughs but many chuckles, Juliet, Naked is impossible to dislike but hard to love.

Film – The Insult

Alas, there’s no denying that The Insult is a superb film. Lebanese personal, religious and political relationships all collide to tell what, on face...

Film – Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is probably the best known novel that most people have never read.

Film – Deadpool 2

The only thing that Hollywood likes more than a superhero film is a sequel to a superhero film.

Film – The Death of Stalin

If only The Death of Stalin were funnier.

Film – I, Tonya

How do you make a biopic not look like a biopic? You make it as if it were a mockumentary.

Film – The Post

In any other (Academy Awards) year, The Post would be just another hard-hitting quality film about investigative journalism and political cover-ups.

Film – The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Films that divide the critics are nearly always worth watching.

Film – Brigsby Bear

There's nothing more frustrating than a film that pulls its punches.

Film – I Am Not Your Negro

A powerful and important film.

Film – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Much like pornography, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has appalling acting, a ridiculous plot and is only worth it for the visuals.

Film – The Wall

If The Wall were a play it would be a great play. I tend to prefer movies.

Film – Baby Driver

Baby Driver just knows how cool it is.

Film Review – Colossal

Probably one Anne Hathaway regrets.

Film – Life

The emailed flyer from the distributors of Life asked that reviewers “refrain from revealing spoilers or plot points”.

Film – Hidden Figures and Moonlight

The appearance of three African-American tales up for best picture at the Academy Awards this year (Hidden Figures, Moonlight, and Fences) is welcome and curious.

Film – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It’s hard to criticise Rogue One because where it fails in terms of ridiculous aliens, clunky dialogue and absurd plot devices (the floppy disk...

Film – Arrival

Arrival tells a fairly straightforward story of first contact. Like many such films made since Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Arrival shares...

Film – The Magnificent Seven 

The Magnificent Seven Director Antoine Fuqua Starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke Genre Moderate

Film – Free State of Jones

The only thing more disappointing than a film that has nothing to say is a film that tries to say too much.

Film – The Lure

When it came to the Sydney Film Festival for 2016 it was difficult to resist this SFF special; a Polish musical about bisexual vampire...

Film – Money Monster

There are plenty of good and great actors who became successful directors. Ron Howard, Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood and Ben Affleck are some recent examples. If Money Monster is anything to go by, then Jodie Foster will not be one of them.

Film – Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Director: Zack Snyder Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams Genre: Death riding the good guys