Friday, July 19, 2024

Ben Aveling


Extra roads – faster travel?

RMS wants to increase the capacity of the roads leading from St Peters to Moore Park.

Postcard from Singapore

This building is “8 @ TradeHub 21”. It’s one of many similar buildings in Singapore.

Triple threat for WestConnex

WestConnex faces a triple threat.

High school shuffle

The NSW state government has announced that Alexandria Park School will consolidate both the junior and senior schools into a 2,200-student multi-storey school on the site of the junior school campus, next to Alexandria Park.

More roads, more congestion

Cities all around the world are moving away from freeways and tollways. They have discovered that roads do not work. Building more roads does not reduce congestion.

Eyes wide shut, full speed ahead

Submissions questioned: the $18.6B cost of the project, tolls (up to $10 each way, or more);  the business case and the need for the...

WestConnex on ALP agenda

The NSW ALP Annual Conference met on the weekend of February 13-14. Amongst many other items, WestConnex was on the agenda.

WestConnex – ‘smoke stacks and mirrors’

The New M5 tunnel will terminate in St Peters and is expected to deliver 120,000 vehicles to two local roads.

Trouble with private certification

The building construction was privately certified. Under state legislation, private certifiers are responsible for ensuring that building works comply with the approved construction certificate....

Community tries to claim the Alex Hotel

Community rallies to save its beloved Alexandria Hotel

Does building more road reduce traffic congestion?

Don’t believe it, was the advice from these two transport specialists. Contrary to intuition, they explained, research conclusively shows that additional roads never reduce...

‘Crown of Thorns’ a disaster for inner city

From 2019, the M5 will terminate at the interchange. The new M5 will have a carrying capacity of 150,000 vehicles per day, 50 per...

Lord Mayor pushed to block Ashmore Estate

Lord Mayor Clover Moore told Alexandria and Erskineville residents that she might only approve further development of the Ashmore Precinct if there was a firm commitment by the state government to provide more local infrastructure.

Community rallies to save beloved pub

ALEXANDRIA: Residents were shocked to learn that a Development Application had been lodged to demolish the iconic Alexandria Hotel and replace it with a block of 28 apartments. Only residents within a 50-metre radius were directly informed by Council. Fortunately, residents were able to use social media to spread the word more widely. Among the first to do so was Alex Robinson, who set up the Facebook group “Save the Alex pub”.

Historic win – the Greens take Newtown

The South Sydney Herald is distributed across four state seats: Heffron, Sydney, Newtown and Balmain. Since the state election on March 28, only Heffron is held by a major party.

The battle for Balmain

Balmain is shaping up to be a hotly contested seat between sitting member Jamie Parker (Greens), former member and Minister Verity Firth (Labor), and 24-year-old Lyndon Gannon (Liberal), an office manager for a pro-Liberal lobbying consultancy.

Heffron – changes and challenges

Heffron is considered to be a safe seat for Labor but is changing rapidly, particularly in areas like Alexandria, Zetland and Mascot.

The new seat of Newtown

This state election will be the first to feature the newly created electorate of Newtown.

Sydney – inner-city diversity

Alex Greenwich is opposed to the sale of inner-city social housing and supports The Rocks-Millers Point-Dawes Point community. “We’ve had major demographic changes with...

WestConnex raises more questions than answers

I’m disappointed. This so-called right of reply doesn’t reply to any of the issues I raised. It doesn’t explain how WestConnex is going to be paid for. It doesn’t explain how local roads will accommodate all those extra cars – or if it is possible at all. Instead, Mr Cliche has confirmed that “detailed traffic modelling” is not yet complete. It begs the question of why this has not yet happened.

Lauding local business and unique culture – an interview with Mark Ely

Mark Ely, president of the Newtown Business Precinct Association (NPBA) and the threats posed by the planned WestConnex motorway.

Making the right connections

More than 1,100 people have already indicated they will attend the “Party Against the WestConnex Motorway”, a Reclaim the Streets event to be held on December 13 at Simpson Park, St Peters.

Solar power – is now the time?

The Abbott government has announced that it intends to wind back or abolish the RET (Renewable Energy Target), which sets a target for the percentage of power required to be generated from renewable sources.

Protesting ‘attack on democracy’

On the morning of September 6, several hundred concerned citizens withstood wind, cold and rain to protest the latest “get Clover” legislation from the Shooters and Fishers, legislation that would see many business owners given two or more votes, while other business owners would lose the one vote they currently have.

Inner-city schools

Inner-city public schools face a double hit on capacity as the total population of the inner city and the percentage of the population with children increase. After falling for decades, the number of school-age children in the inner city is climbing.

Postcard from a cyclist in Melbourne

They say you never forget how to ride. Not true. Having now ridden a bike for the first time in maybe 20 years, it takes a few minutes to become comfortable on a bike again. It’s not something I would have tried in Sydney but Melbourne is far more cyclist-friendly – more bike-paths, wider streets, fewer cars – and a bike hire scheme called Melbourne Bike Share.

Regions, not local councils, to rule on planning

Last year, the O’Farrell government announced it will change NSW’s planning laws and has floated a Green Paper (an ideas paper) setting out the direction of the new legislation and asking for comments. Prior to the Green Paper, there was a bipartisan enquiry into planning that made 374 recommendations, including the need for a focus on Environmentally Sustainable Development.

Our first year as GoGetters

  It was time to retire the old car, but my wife and I didn’t want to buy another one. We’d heard of GoGet, but...