Thursday, July 25, 2024

Katie Gompertz


‘Women aren’t angry, we’re tired’

It’s a been a heck of a month for women’s rights hasn’t it? From Brittany Higgins to Grace Tame, to tone deaf politicians and the...

Mask-wearing can be liberating for women

Whether you choose to wear a mask (to lower your Covid-19 risk) is a contentious subject in 2020. I am in the fifth month...

Messages we convey to children can help prevent domestic violence

In late June a major newspaper ran the headline “Tiny tots sex agenda” criticising a “professional development course, for preschool teachers, that requires them...

Why doesn’t Batman have a domestic to-do list?

Do we all remember the pink Batgirl T-shirt that sent online community groups into a tailspin? A decade ago, I would have agreed. It’s a T-shirt, it’s harmless, what’s the big deal?

Why money isn’t the only solution to preventing male violence

What’s clear is that the way we’re approaching male-to-female violence isn’t working. What we’re doing isn’t changing attitudes towards women as quickly as it should be.

Parties need to ‘bring it’ to election

It’s that time of the election cycle again when the various parties promise funds for varying issues across the community.

The invisible women

Women Dead in 2018 so far: 63, but how many can you name?