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Meet your new councillors – part 2

Two of the new City of Sydney councillors, elected on December 4, 2021, found time to introduce themselves this month.

Shauna Jarrett (Liberal) – Having lived, worked and played in Sydney’s CBD and communities for nearly all of my adult life, and participated in and been a representative on a wide range of professional and not-for-profit organisations, I want to continue that involvement in the City of Sydney during its recovery of the city as Australia’s No 1 City and in bringing back the life all City of Sydney communities have worked hard to create and support.

I want to ensure community sports and activities, arts and cultural/community events are effectively supported, and will work to ensure public and green spaces are actually enhanced and created from Council stock.

I also want to enable small and medium businesses to be supported by technologies that will allow them to prosper in the “new normal” and I will work to represent all Sydney residents and businesses.

As a Sydney Liberal, I want Sydney’s urban communities listened to and also to ensure Council responses are community based, not bureaucratic ideological strategies. I will continue to advocate for a transparent, fiscally responsible and simplified bureaucracy that will enable us all to prosper and develop sustainable and supportive communities where we live, work and play.

Lyndon Gannon (Liberal) – As a lifelong local and aspiring small business owner I know full well the challenges facing the City of Sydney. Businesses and the community are doing it tough. But it seems the end of Covid is close – fingers crossed!

I am ambitious for this city. I want to see it go back to being the fun, vibrant and bustling place it used to be! The lockout laws were needed, but they essentially killed our CBD night economy.

Thankfully those laws are gone now and as we re-emerge from our Covid hibernation I think it’s a really exciting time for Sydney’s night life and I’m all in, with my own plans to open two rooftop bars.

I have a long history of working with the community, principally through boxing with teenagers. Growing up, sport, whether rugby league or AFL, kept me on the straight and narrow. I know how important it is for young people to have role models in their lives and I’m so happy that the Elouera Gym at the Block has re-opened, it’s where I trained out of and has a great community vibe about it and brings a real sense for positivity to the area.

I also have some exciting plans for the city: four harbour baths, activating underutilised assets to support emerging creatives, trying to turn the Newtown Tram Shed into Carriageworks 2.0, as well as cutting red tape to make it easier to do business and have fun in this town.

See Part 1 in our Meet your new councillors series. The SSH hopes the other new councillors will also take up the offer in future months to introduce themselves and what personal expertise and experience they bring to their role.

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