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Playing TIPP to calm your emotions

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

I have. It sucked. I’ve been learning about ways to manage “overwhelm”, and I learned a cool acronym that I wanted to share with you: TIPP.

TIPP is about managing your emotions when times are tough. The letters stand for:

T – Temperature

  • Having a cold shower or putting your face in icy water.
  • Holding a hot water bottle.
  • Drinking cold water.
  • Holding an ice pack.

I – Intense exercise

  • Move any part of your body as quickly as you can.
  • Run for one minute on the spot.
  • Shake your whole body quickly.
  • Dance!

P – Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Clench your body parts then let them go.
  • Grit your teeth then release them (gently).
  • Stretch!

P – Paced breathing

  • Breathe in for four beats out for six.
  • Breathe in for four beats, hold for two, out for four.
  • Just take deep breaths and let them out slowly.
  • Breathe through your nose.

All of these techniques can help you when you feel overwhelmed. Using them when you feel anxious or panicked can calm things to the point where you can then use other coping skills.

I use them all the time and it helps me!

Important: Please be aware of your limitations before utilising TIPP. Consult your GP if you have a medical condition or are unsure. Using cold water decreases your heart rate rapidly and exercise increases it. This can be dangerous for those with cardiac conditions, on beta blockers, with temperature intolerance, or struggling with disordered eating.


For more detailed TIPP resources visit

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