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Host a three-course feast to aid breast cancer research

If you’re looking for a way to shake off the lockdown blues and start planning for that long overdue get together with those you’ve missed – then this is for you.

Breast Cancer Trials is inviting the community to take part in the 3 Course Challenge.

This is your opportunity to cook a delicious three-course meal for your friends and family, whilst also supporting new research to save the lives of those diagnosed with breast cancer.

And cooking this meal is made easier thanks to well-known Australian chef Sarah Todd, who will teach the special three-course menu via a livestreamed, interactive cooking class on October 16. Sarah’s own mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 50, so she understands the impact of this disease and is keen to make more research possible.

Sarah says, “It was just a huge shock to us in the family and she’s always been a very optimistic person. I see my Mum as a superwoman. It was so hard to see her go from caregiver to the one needing to receive care for the first time.”

One in seven Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. By challenging yourself to cook a three-course Indian feast, you can help Breast Cancer Trials find new and improved treatments for every one of them.

Share your new culinary skills by hosting a dinner party for family and friends any time until November 30.

As Breast Cancer Trials says, “Nothing brings people together like the promise of a dinner party with delicious food.

“Plus, you’ll be changing the future for people affected by breast cancer. Now that’s worth cooking for.”


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