Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tess Ridgway


Pleasure principles – an interview with Adam Connelly

Pleasure are an improvisational band from Sydney/Eora, comprising Adam Connelly (synthesizers and vocals), Jonathan Boulet (bass guitar and fx pedals) and Hugh Deacon (drums)....

Casey Barnes brings his catchy country music to Paddo

Country music star Casey Barnes is set to play in Sydney for the first time in two years. His gig in Paddington is part of his east coast tour for his latest single “Come Turn Me On”, a playful party-starting song about missing home.

Elaborate, effortless neo-soul

18YOMAN’s languid looping orchestrations are elaborate yet effortless. These grooves will pleasantly resurface in your head.

Clews channel the iso muse

Clews comprises sisters Lily and Grace Richardson. Originally from Mollymook, they released their first single “Museum” in 2019. Their music is a polished pop-melancholy...

Safe Word (EP), ARSE

Across five songs, ARSE deploys unchained vitriol with a dose of self-awareness and irony – that a lot of punk rock sorely needs – and the songs explore the impending doom of the planet as well as an eye-gouging frustration with the political landscape.

Perfumed Earth, Purple Pilgrims

Purple Pilgrims is made up of sister duo, Clementine and Valentine Nixon from Tapu, New Zealand. Perfumed Earth is their second album out through Flying Nun Records.

Scores for Ella, Domingo Mariani

Scores for Ella Domingo Mariani Doggo Agostino Records, 2019 This music is mobilising, like summer sun on your back gently pushing you down the street. The French-Venzuelan...

Wildflower, The Avalanches

Wildflower manages to meld psych-folk, hip hop, rap and disco to create a nostalgic album.

High, Royal Headache

Though Royal Headache’s new album, High, is a departure for the pub-punk band, they wade into more soulful territory with lead singer Shogun’s vocals being allowed to shine.

Tussle, Ray Davies

Tussle was the first album for Sydney four-piece Day Ravies, released in 2013 with their label Popfrenzy.

Sydney Festival – Cut the Sky

Directed artfully by Rachel Swain, the Marrugeku company explores the issues of climate change through an Indigenous lens, layering song, poetry, audio visuals, as...