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Elaborate, effortless neo-soul

18YOMAN (verbalised as 18 year-old man) is Vin Goodyer’s neo-soul solo project – he sings, plays keys, guitar and produces the beats. Sydney-based, Goodyer is managed by Calibre/Oneday and a team in the States.

As 18YOMAN he has released a handful of tracks the last few years and each one is a shiny ruby­ – notably single “Swimming,” which features singer Mia Elnekave. Hear their smooth vocals harmonise like gentle waves across water. His sound has been compared to the likes of D’Angelo and Blood Orange – formidable company, but Goodyer keeps his head well above water.

18YOMAN’s languid looping orchestrations are elaborate yet effortless. These grooves will pleasantly resurface in your head.

You’re across a lot of elements in your songs (piano, guitar, vocals, beats). How does your creative process work? Where do you begin in making a song? 

I think it comes from an initial idea, either on piano or guitar, and then I’ll slowly build around it. Something that I’ve really been leaning into is getting other people involved, I find it’s always going to be a more rewarding experience.

How do you find doing a solo project?

I really, really, really enjoy it and it’s incredibly important to me. I spend every day producing songs for other people which involves deadlines and a bit of stress so it’s very nice to follow my own curiosity and rules without any pressure every now and again.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

That’s a bit of a tricky one, I would say Meshell Ndegeocello. She is an amazing bass player and singer/artist who has made incredible albums through the last 30 years. And is one of my biggest inspirations. She seems like one of the most genuine and real people ever.

What’s next for 18YOMAN?

I’ve been spending the majority of my conscious life working on samples for a lot of rap music overseas. Something that I’m just finishing is music for season three of the ABC podcast Little Yarns which is an Indigenous language program for pre-schoolers. So, really excited for that to come out in the next few months. I’ve finally got a heap of songs coming out, too, which I wrote in America last year, so I’m very excited about that!

What makes a perfect song?

I think a perfect song has to be relatable. Something that can connect people or where they can find a commonality. I guess something that everyone can play on the piano, if that makes sense.


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