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Clews channel the iso muse

Clews comprises sisters Lily and Grace Richardson. Originally from Mollymook, they released their first single “Museum” in 2019. Their music is a polished pop-melancholy to warm up winter evenings. Shimmering vocals and poetic lyrics inspire adventuring or roaming (which we all long for right now).

Unfortunately, Covid has delayed their “Feel” headline tour which is rescheduled for December. They were also supposed to tour with Boy & Bear right about now but that too has been delayed until November.

To ensure the pandemic isn’t holding them back they’ve been getting on board with the Instagram festival bent to help you deal with staying the hell home! They appeared on Bridget Hustwaite’s Saturday Night Stay In live on Instagram TV with other Australian artists including Vera Blue, Adriane Eagle and George Alice.

How do you collaborate on song writing? Is one driving the lyrics the other the music?
Yes, Lily drives the lyrics and Grace is in the little sidecar thing that hangs off the motorbike. I’m constantly writing down lines about everything that happens to me, then Grace swans in and absolutely slays it with a killer melody.

Has social isolating got you writing and rehearsing more?
I’ve definitely been writing more. I’ve had a bit of extra time on my hands so I’ve been getting up early and walking around the neighbourhood listening to country music. Plus, as the weather turns colder, I always write more. So, it’s been a good formula for being creative. We have it pretty good at the moment compared to a lot of people so we’re not complaining. I love being locked in my house by myself playing guitar anyway!

What’s your infinite repeat song (a song you could listen to seven or more times in a row)?
Throughout isolation I have listened to Little Feat’s “Long Distance Love” literally every single day, and Grace will never stop replaying “Long Train Runnin’” by The Doobie Brothers.  

Royalties aside, which song would you most like to cover?
“This Love” from Maroon 5’s classic 2002 album Songs About Jane.

What does the future hold for Clews?
We’re actually about to start on our first full body of work. Up until now we’ve just been releasing singles but it’s time to sink our teeth into a bigger project. We can’t wait to get back to playing shows when the world is safe and well again too.



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