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Scores for Ella, Domingo Mariani

Scores for Ella
Domingo Mariani
Doggo Agostino Records, 2019

This music is mobilising, like summer sun on your back gently pushing you down the street. The French-Venzuelan composer creates a relaxed precision with warm drums and retro keys.

Domingo Mariani is Luca Mariani’s solo project. He also wrote music for Australian band Babe Rainbow for the last three years.

Out via Parisian label Doggo Agostino, this EP is the first opus of a trilogy. The French label advises it is “a first project with smooth and casual pace, to listen during the aperitif, without moderation”.

“Will You Be My Dance Partner” is coy seduction, with a beautiful tinny guitar bit. “Saison” is a pleasantly smoky song with rolling drums.

Scores for Ella incites smouldering curiosity. This is music to fall in love to, and it doesn’t discriminate – fall for a lover, for the street, for the afternoon sky.


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