Friday, September 17, 2021
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What a difference a bridge would make

It would take four minutes to walk across the railway on a bridge between Carriageworks and the western end of South Eveleigh’s Locomotive Workshop. Currently that trip takes 20 minutes.

It would drop to about 15 minutes when the Southern Concourse is not closed, if you have your Opal card to avoid the $200 fine.

Alexandria and Darlington could be 15 minutes closer.

In 2024 when the Metro comes to Waterloo, students from the Bankstown line will get off at Waterloo to go to Sydney University. They could take the route shown.

What a difference a new bridge could make for the entire community. Transport for NSW could deliver the previously proposed bridge in its North Eveleigh plan if convinced that its southern concourse is not sufficient. Mirvac agreed a bridge could be built on their land when they purchased South Eveleigh.

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Volunteers’ News – September 2021

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