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Volunteers’ News – July 2020

Welcome to the Covid-19 winter 2020 issue. Can you believe half a year gone, and what have we got? Hope we all haven’t lost our joie de vivre and ability to laugh at life’s madnesses.

About the Oz Ballet’s YouTube exercises – thanks for asking! Did them every day until I got to the last one, How to Do Jumps, where my utter ineptitude was apparent and it wasn’t because of no ballet slippers or tutu. I’m sure our featured ballet dancer from December, Lincoln Sharp, would be laughing himself out of his grande jetes if he could see me. Now back to walking the laneways of Marrickville.

School holidays are July 6 to July 17

As always check with your local Council for lots of holiday activities to suit all ages. City of Sydney has plenty of ideas at

National NAIDOC Week 2020 – always was, always will be …

Dates have now been set from November 8-15, postponed from July. Tyrown Waigana, a 23 year-old proud Noongar and Saibai Islander, based in Perth, is this year’s winner of the prestigious National NAIDOC Poster Competition (see it on page 3 courtesy CC BY-NC-N4 4.0.).


I try not to get too partisan in this column, but honestly the ABC is close to my heart. Aunty has given us the best news and current affairs, even-handed opinions and sterling programs. And once again the LNP government has decided to cut even more from their already reduced budget. Lots of updated information at ABC Friends or you can catch up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Face to Face – Joshua’s exhibition at the Orchard Gallery

Joshua’s works are now on show at the Orchard Gallery, South Sydney Uniting Church. These unique and touching artworks are available for purchase on the gallery’s Instagram: @orchardgalleryau. The gallery hopes to reopen in the near future.

Availability of SSH issues for the near future

We are still doing limited distribution (up to 10,000 copies in July), but IGA stores throughout South Sydney have copies in stock each month. Subscribe to the SSH Update on the website where we will send out a new list of pick-up points as part of the Update in July.

SSH Volunteers’ Meeting

Volunteers’ meetings will resume at the Cauliflower Hotel, 2pm on the first Saturday of the month. All volunteers and friends welcome.

SSH Update

Volunteers and readers are invited to subscribe to the SSH Update – South Sydney Herald digital newsletter ( Receive monthly news, opinion, culture, sport & more. There’s also a link to the PDF copy of the SSH, and information on volunteering.

Goodbye for this month, and as always take care. You never know when this coronavirus will be resurgent, as new cases in Victoria increase.

Until next time,

Pat Clarke




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