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Sydney’s not just belly for Tanyeli!

Tanyeli is a world-renown belly dancer from Turkey who is based in Sydney where she has an event company that organises multicultural festivals and concerts. She is also my sister.

Who have you danced for and where?
I’ve danced for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and for people like Madonna, Morgan Freeman, Princess Margaret and Lady Diana. I’ve travelled the world belly dancing, and also teaching dance workshops.

What is your life like in Sydney?
I’m so lucky to live in Sydney because it’s a multicultural city and the heart of art.

I’m living with my family here. I came from overseas with my son and my husband and I have a beautiful sister [you, Seda!] and niece here. It looks like a very small family but we have many friends from different cultures that expand our family – and it’s feeling very good. We are living a very social life.

What about your professional life?
Very busy! Seven days in a week isn’t enough for me. I co-host a live radio show for my community, and host private events and functions.

Are you still dancing?
Only for charity and occasionally for exclusive events. I’m so happy now that I’m bringing the most famous belly dancers, singers, and celebrities from around the world to Sydney.

Do you have any events coming up soon?
Yes, I have two events coming up. One is a ’90s themed party at Sydney University’s Manning Bar with two famous DJs and two very famous ’90s singers. I’m also really excited about an event in March. I’m proudly presenting the Sydney International Dance and Music festival and bringing two world-renown dancers, Diva Darina from Ukraine and Mr Ozgen from London to Australia to perform.

When is the festival?
I’ve organised the festival for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020. There will be workshops and an exhibition during the day and during the evening there will be musicians and dancers from all over the world performing. It’s going to be an unforgettable event for women.

Will you be dancing at the festival?
Yes, I have a passion to present my culture by dancing at multicultural events.

How do you manage all of this?
Believe it or not my daily life starts very early in the morning. While I’m preparing breakfast for the family I become creative and plan what’s next. I’m energetic towards creating these marvellous events and it keeps me going.

How can people find your events?
These days it’s very easy to find me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts @tanyelislife and @diamondstageevents – so take a look!



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