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Glebe picketers demand: ‘Give us decent homes’

GLEBE: A crowd of public housing activists is picketing to demand that the right to a decent home should be an election issue.

“We are organising a street picket on May 19 to demand that the next Federal Government take real and effective steps to solve the housing crisis and ensure that all our citizens have a decent home,” said Denis Doherty from the community group Hands off Glebe.

“With the housing waiting list at about 50,000 and homelessness exploding, it is estimated that we need 750,000 new homes.

“We want the NSW Government, with Federal Government support, to commit to building 5,000 new public housing dwellings every year for a decade.

“Of course, this will be costly,” Mr Doherty said, “but many public services require substantial subsidies.

“Health in NSW is 86 per cent subsidised, education is 96 per cent subsidised, and trains are 52 per cent subsidised.

“In the same way we must expect that the provision of sufficient public and affordable housing will require on going subsidies.

“A decent affordable home is a human right,” Mr Doherty said.


Defend and extend public housing picket
Thursday May 19, 5-6pm
corner Glebe Point Road and Broadway

Speakers from Greens, Socialist Alliance, United Australia Party, Glebe Society, Hands off Glebe and Shelter
For more details contact Denis Doherty from Hands off Glebe on 0418 290 663.

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