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Feline friendly? March is the month to adopt

This March, people could help break the cycle of pet homelessness in Australia by adopting a cat.

A new challenge in the pet adoption landscape is the more than 36,000 cats and kittens that remain homeless.

Vicki Davy, co-founder of the national animal welfare charity PetRescue, says cats often take a back seat in adoptions compared to dogs, but they make fantastic pets.

“Every cat has a unique personality, and they love their humans just as much as dogs do. Cat adopters are often surprised how quickly they form a special bond – it’s almost as though they know you’ve saved their life. We hope at the end of March, that together we’ve made a change in the very big and very real issue at hand.”

Throughout March, PETstock Zetland will host its annual National Pet Adoption Month – an initiative led by charity organisation PETstock Assist – to help change the lives of rescue pets in need of a permanent or temporary home, and of humans awaiting their perfect match.

“The pet adoption landscape changes rapidly, and this year we’re seeing more cats available for adoption compared to other animals, closely followed by large dogs and bonded pairs – animals that have entered rescue together and need to be adopted together,” says PETstock Assist’s Charity and Events Lead, Jessica Curtis.

“Growing your family to include an adopted cat, large dog or bonded pair will not only enrich your life, but also the life of the adopted pet by offering them a safe and loving environment to thrive in,” says Ms Curtis.

“If you’re not able to adopt, there are several ways that you can help solve pet homelessness in Australia. By fostering or volunteering at your local rescue group, you’re not only providing a safe place or care for an animal in need, but you’re also creating space for stray animals seeking shelter. By donating in store throughout March, you will be supporting PETstock Assist and helping them continue their rescue initiatives.”

For more details on PETstock Assist’s National Pet Adoption Month visit petstock.com.au in March. Community members are encouraged to head into selected stores on Saturday March 19 to meet rescue pets available for adoption or fostering.


Since inception, PETstock Assist has helped to microchip more than 22,000 pets, found homes for more than 12,000 rescue pets, coordinated food drives and donated more than $4 million to charities including Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Pets of the Homeless, Zoos Victoria Animal Welfare and Extinction projects, individual rescue groups and more.

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