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Let’s bathe in green spaces

There is now plenty of evidence that sitting, walking or spending time in outdoor areas especially around water or trees is very good for...

New rainbow path primed for Mardi Gras

SURRY HILLS: A new rainbow path that snakes through Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills was opened in February – just in time for...

Slacklining at Prince Alfred Park

Cat on the slackline, Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills.

What the Yes vote means

Someone commented that they haven’t seen me smile so much ever. I must admit I was a little humbled and speechless as well.

Central to Eveleigh redevelopment – it’s big!

NSW cabinet recently decided redevelopment of the railway corridor stretching three kilometres from the CBD’s Goulburn Street car park to Macdonaldtown would be part of an international Expression Of Interest (EOI) process.