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Will we finally see the housing reforms we sorely need?

One doesn’t need to look far to notice the housing crisis gripping Australia – it’s the subject of daily media coverage and news commentary. Rent...

Waterloo South – for the local community?

WATERLOO: Last month, the NSW government’s redevelopment proposal for Waterloo South was placed on exhibition (until April 29). Since the redevelopment was first announced in...

Support for pets and people

WATERLOO: Following the cancellation of the event last year (due to public health orders in response to Covid-19), it was wonderful to see the...

Pandemic exposes a social housing crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has been destabilising, putting pressure on economic, health and social systems. It has also disproportionately affected some of the most disadvantaged...

Introducing Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson has joined Inner Sydney Voice (ISV) to provide culturally-appropriate advice to Aboriginal community organisations and housing tenants of issues relating to the Waterloo redevelopment.

Community expertise undervalued

Restore support for public housing tenant services!