SSH Vision Statement & Guidelines

The following excerpts are taken from the SSH Vision Statement & Guidelines (2012). The full document is available on request.

Content (with a strong emphasis on positive, upbuilding local stories) reflects a commitment to all members and sectors of the community – politics, business, sports, arts – with special concern for distinctive groups in South Sydney such as public housing tenants, migrants, older residents, long-term unemployed, students, members of the Aboriginal community, members of the sex and gender diverse community, and those least able or likely to express their views in the mainstream media.

News reporting avoids merely promoting individuals, groups or businesses, and seeks to provide a balanced and critical account of facts, from various perspectives.

Occasional public forums enact accessibility, the sharing of information and resources, mediation (with a view to resolution of conflicts) and community partnerships. Forums offer leadership on community issues so that matters such as planning, juvenile justice, etc. may be more thoroughly discussed. Forums enable readers to meet with editors, readers to meet with policy makers, etc.