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Film – Mad Max: Fury Road

Indeed it’s quite impressive that a film with a “plot” that essentially consists of the hero being captured, escaping, being chased and killing his enemy (don’t worry, I haven’t given away anything here) can be maintained for two hours.

What plot does exist is merely the device for some of the most outrageous and ridiculous vehicle stunts ever to feature on the screen.

Mad Max: Fury Road is also outrageously stylish. It obviously draws on the original Mad Max franchise for inspiration but also a heritage rooted in other Ozploitation films (look it up) like The Cars That Ate Paris (1974) (look that up too) and a whole pile of other low-budget, schlock-horror, black comedy Australian films. It shows in the real nature of the stunts and the limited use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) (despite a budget about 300 times higher than the original Mad Max).

The stunts can’t really be conveyed in print, so just imagine a continual cacophony of cars, trucks, people, fire and noise. Throw in adrenaline pumping music (including from the cars themselves), costumes to do Terry Gilliam proud and you get the self-deprecating and unintentionally hilarious and deliberately ridiculous idea.

Anything this over-the-top can’t be all bad. Indeed it’s mostly very good. Just don’t take it seriously or think too hard and you’ll be fine.

Rating: (Mad Max) Four 

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