Thursday, May 6, 2021

Heather Robinson


Animarum – ‘expressing the inexpressible’

How does it all come together? Eight musicians playing as one, yet each instrument can be heard distinctly.

Sounding the sacred

Richard has an extraordinary ear for finding talented musicians, such as Yaw Derkyi, a Ghanaian percussionist, and Shohrat Tursun, a recognised master in 1,000-year-old...

Interfaith support for survivors of abuse

This year the two churches are planning an interfaith service. People from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths will name hurts and grieve,...

Bold and beautiful – Artist Profile: Ngaiire

Ngaiire is an empowering, inspirational artist. Her name (pronounced Ny-rie) is a Maori name meaning “red flower”. Like this image, Ngaiire is bold, passionate and beautiful.

Theatre Review:Tarantula

Tarantula picks up the story of Lola Montez on July 8, 1856, when returning to San Francisco from an exhausting and scandal-filled Australian tour, Lola’s lover, Noel Folland, disappeared from the deck of the Jane A. Falkenburg and was never seen again, presumed drowned. Using the conceit of a play within a play, Tarantula (premiered here at the King Street Theatre but first read as part of the Griffin Searchlight program) traces the story of Lola’s life by having a contemporary actress, Gina, making a play about her hero.

Theatre Review:Fearless

Have you got PMA? Carlotta, one of nine characters in Fearless, has PMA, and after a suitable suspense, sings an explanation [see below].