Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Charles Turnbull


More affordable and accessible housing needed

Despite a decrease in the official number of Sydney’s homeless, experts are warning of rising numbers of street sleepers unless more affordable housing is made available.

Developer’s haven in a heritage area, say Greens

NORTH EVELEIGH: There is growing concern over the future development of North Eveleigh after the area was recently slated as a possible enterprise zone by the O’Farrell government. Enterprise zones, which were introduced in the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s Green Paper, will aim to attract employment-generating developments by removing planning restrictions.

A better support system

WATERLOO: Being born as a congenital amputee has taught 30 year-old Deborah Roach to be persistent. The local resident has competed in cycling at...

Talking with the Health Minister

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax is set to aid small businesses and superannuation funds for Sydney residents. Superannuation will rise from 9 to 12 per...

Talking traffic and transport blues

The influx of traffic into Alexandria, and the limited parking availabilities in the area were heated topics, but the Council defended its stance towards...

Talking traffic and transport blues

ALEXANDRIA: Public transport and parking issues took the spotlight at the Alexandria Traffic Forum this month, as residents voiced their concerns over the area’s transport problems. The forum was attended by members of the Council, Sydney Buses, the NSW Department of Transport, Transport consultants, and the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA).