Thursday, July 28, 2022
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Assisting families in Afghanistan – emergency appeal

The scenes unfolding in Afghanistan are heartbreaking. My team and I have been in constant contact with our local partner on the ground. Like many of us who’ve been watching events unfold, they’re feeling a great sense of disbelief at how quickly the situation has deteriorated.

People are terrified of the Taliban, and the recent bombings add another layer of complexity in a challenging context where people are already struggling through drought and an escalating Covid-19 crisis.

Families hurriedly left their homes without time to bring essential items with them, and now they are sheltering in cramped, unsanitary conditions, and lack even the most basic medical and water facilities. These people are in crisis.

Act for Peace’s local partner is working round the clock to meet the urgent needs of people affected – despite the dangers involved. For the last 30 years, they have worked to build trust and bring hope to communities in Afghanistan. They remain committed to the Afghan people. And they need our help.

Over the next three months, our partner is preparing to assist 660 displaced Afghan families. They will help with food, shelter and health supplies, and provide much-needed cash assistance through safe, verified transfers to fulfil their essential needs.

Act for Peace has launched an emergency appeal to support this work. Despite all the lockdowns across Australia, together, we’ve already raised $120,000 to support families uprooted by the conflict with the Taliban.

I can’t stop thinking about our partner staff as they watch their country being torn apart. With the urgent need on the ground, I believe we must act. So please give what you can today.


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