Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Word plays


Tropical flowers

and hazy girls

from Valparaiso


drift golden –

like promises

on the edge


of utterance

so almost there

lips open


expecting sound –

instead a petal

drops and hair

tosses like a sigh.

  • Catherine Skipper


Sword swallower,

words wallower

swallows words,

allows war.


War reworded,

rewards the sword,

words of war,

wards of war dead.


Warrior kings

working at war,

worrier kings

sinking, singing,

music making,

amusing the muse

at war.


War of words awarded,

make music, not war.

  • Rosalind Flatman


Looking about

I perceived above

and below

a new terror

affected me

a dreadful doom

affected me

All fools are poets

All poets are fools

  • Adrian Spry


These windows

whose colour varied

were stained glass

fantastic influences

in blue and gold


and blood-coloured


  • Adrian Spry
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