Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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Word plays

Eye to Eye

Pressed against plate glass,

His golden eye inches from mine

In unnatural proximity,

We share a level gaze,

But shamed I have to turn away,

My loose look taunting

His imitation leopard-skin life.

Rosalind Flatman


Easter, 2018

He was a bit of a lad, really,

right to the end


his skin a gallery

of indigo against the sheets


monitored fingers

still loving and hating


instinct made him

grapple for each breath


head dropping

towards his collar bone


he looked but there could be

no safe return to us


waiting on the hillside

guilty for what we hadn’t done.

Catherine Skipper



I ranted to the moon

and stars hear my voice

it’s not too far

from here to there

so let me plead my case

to the fool who lives

in the sky

I have no reason

to live a lie

please keep me safe

or let me fly

Adrian Spry



Words are like birds

Feathers stuck in my throat

My heart is a free bird

Escaped from its cage for a while

The key was there all along

Just had to loosen my tongue


Robyn Concannon

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