Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Fly Me to the Moon

The setting, audience settled around tables with a cheese plate and wine glasses, evoked a simple elegance supported by the formal evening attire of the performers. A band, featuring that staple of the swing era, a rakish saxophonist (Robert Cantwell), and powerhouse pianist (Emily-Rose Šárkova, also musical director), tirelessly sustained the atmosphere and drive of the performance.

An additional zest was brought to the show by dancer-choreographer Lisa Frantini’s lively and joyful troupe of dancers. Stylishly costumed (Susan Boyle) with a good eye for detail – romantic blue scarves or the emblematic top hat and black cane – the troupe coped brilliantly within a small stage area as they interacted with or highlighted the mood of the songs.

The singers, whether in ensemble or small groups, moved almost seamlessly onto and about a limited performance area, their passion, commitment and communal feeling bringing a very special quality to the rendition of old favourites from Gershwin, Porter and Berlin. Personal highlights were an engaging “It Had to Be You” (Albert Lin), a wistful “Skylark” (Emma Jarratt) and the romantic “When I Fall in Love” (Nicola Wilson). Additionally, the ensemble items were impressive and there were some lovely, well-matched duets.

So come fly with the Mosman Musical Society and be thrilled by the talent and expertise discovered and nurtured through community enterprise. If you miss this performance get ready for an evening of 80s music at the next cabaret at the same venue, October 26 to November 4.

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Volunteers’ News – May 2021

Did you manage to catch the Pink Supermoon on April 27? I did, it was large and bright but not pink from my view. For you sky watchers there will be a Super Full Blood (Red) Lunar Eclipse on May 26.