Tuesday, June 7, 2022
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‘The giraffe sings to his Creator’

The giraffe sings to his Creator

It’s not easy being tall
(with legs like stilts
and doorknob knees)

extenuation’s not an asset
I don’t enjoy it at all
(with goal post legs
and knees like soccer balls)

I can’t jump, you know,
with either joy  or frustration,
I can’t bend to the ground
without triangulation

furthermore, dear madam,
it’s a considerable pain
to have a neck
that resembles a crane

it’s not safe, you know,
and I turn quite pale
when the weather bureau
predicts a fierce gale

with my loopy legs
and my beanpole neck
I stick out a mile
I’m clearly a target

for any  big  cat
who can leap on a chap
and lay him flat as a tack!
What do you say to that?

I’m seriously in need
of a good renovation
so think twice next time
before you indulge in creation …

The Creator sings to the giraffe

I can’t answer the question
about prey and predator
never have been able to
and  it  does somewhat discredit moi

but you’re amazing
to elaborate would be surplus,
for my dear giraffe
I made poets for that purpose

rather than think of yourself
as a pathetic blunder
revisualise yourself
as an unparallelled wonder –
among the countless others of creation
such is the reach of my imagination. 

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