Saturday, August 13, 2022
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The Four Seasons

To get the best from all I eat,
I eat my veggies fresh,
I like the ones that grow that week,
They make me feel my best.

Winter loves the tasty potato,
Accompanied by bright corn,
Carrots make a gratifying snack
And I’ve apples every morn.

Spring time hellos swiss chard and spinach,
Goodness for my heart,
Basil garnishes pizzas and pastas,
Fresh strawberries make the tart.

Summer brings an abundance of fruit,
Bananas and mangoes for me,
Avocados, tomatoes and chickpeas,
Make a wonderful salad for tea.

Sweet potato pockets in autumn,
Followed by pumpkin pie,
A hint of fennel in my salad’s dressing,
Makes green beans the best for I.

If you pick your foods in season,
Your taste buds will enliven so,
You’ll take in more nutrients and vitamins,
And be healthier than you could know.

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