Friday, May 20, 2022
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Support for Redfern Fire Station crew

The NSW government needs to commit to increasing fire and rescue services in the City of Sydney, and rule out any cuts to stations or services.

If current global warming continues, the frequency of extreme-heat days in the City of Sydney local area will increase from three days a year in 2015 to 15 days a year in 2070. Higher temperatures will increase the likelihood of fires.

As the impact of climate change worsens, the City’s growing population will rely more heavily on the support of our fire and rescue professionals. By 2030, there will be approximately 1.7 million people in the City each day, with an additional 56,000 housing dwellings by 2036.

Redfern Fire Station responded to 1,300 incidents in 2019, and this will increase with dangerous climate change and increasing City populations. We need more rescue professionals in our City, not fewer.

In 2019, Redfern Fire Station celebrated the very first all-Indigenous platoon of permanent firefighters at Redfern and their story and connection to the community was featured by SBS News.

City residents have always been so proud of our Redfern Station crew, and their connection to our communities. Redfern Fire Station is 120 years old and thriving – long may it continue to serve our diverse and growing City communities.

I’m proud to have successfully moved for the City of Sydney Council to unanimously resolve to support the continuation of fire and rescue services in Redfern, and to call on the NSW government to commit state funding to ensure all NSW Fire Stations in the City of Sydney remain open and permanently staffed. Stay tuned!

Linda Scott is a Labor Councillor with the City of Sydney and President of Local Government NSW.

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