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Socio-political narratives – Introducing Alex Grilanc

How would you describe your artistic practice?
I would say my art is very graphic and busy. I usually prefer to use the human figure because it comes naturally and it’s a fantastic relatable vessel for conveying socio-political narratives. I have been told I have a recognisable style, which makes me think that other people can often explain things in my work that I find hard to explain.

What influences your work? And how is it evolving today?
Lots of different forms of painting, graffiti and street art – I’m always impressed by large murals when I see them around the city and on the internet. I am always after the opportunity to paint murals and contribute to public space.

Have you had any experiences working with members of the community that have sparked new thought or creativity?
I’m always coming up with ideas, and working with others is always very inspirational. It’s a matter of having something with me to record new ideas, otherwise I end up losing them as quickly as they come.

Have you visited any exhibitions lately that have resonated with you?
I have, however I couldn’t name any in particular. Looking at other people’s art for prolonged periods puts me in a mood to create some of my own.

Where do you see the future of community art projects? What benefits do you gain from being a part of the Orchard Gallery [at South Sydney Uniting Church]?
Community art projects are fantastic for local artists working locally – you can express issues that are relevant to the people in the community. The experience and interaction the artist receives is very beneficial. The more art projects the better!

Where can we next see your works? Do you have any plans?
I’ve been busy in the studio so I believe I’ll have to have an exhibition at the Orchard Gallery later in the year!

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