Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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Ron Hoenig (Labor) – standing up for community

Where people once tried to avoid our area they now want to make their homes here and raise their families. A lot’s been done in our area over three decades but there is more to be done, and the State Parliament is the place to get it done.

I’m running for the State seat of Heffron because I don’t want our area taken for granted on important issues like transport, roads, the environment and over-development.

Our area is growing, with thousands of residents moving in every year. We need a local Member who will work hard to keep the balance right between growth and the needs of local residents.

Our community needs someone who will: Oppose the privatisation of Sydney Buses, because we need better public transport not cuts; Fight against over-development and the power being taken out of local hands on important planning decisions; Oppose the privatisation and expansion of Port Botany, because we can’t afford more trucks on our already clogged and congested roads; Fight the Liberals’ cuts to jobs and services; Campaign for a second airport for Sydney to take pressure off our area.

We must also work hard to ensure that those who work hard for a living are given the opportunity to succeed, and that those who cannot are not left behind.

Education, a health system that treats all, a sound employment-generating economy, effective public transport, a protected and sustainable environment, proper urban planning, a proper and fair justice system, these and many more policies can bring people in from what a former US President once described as the “outskirts of hope”.

We can do it and we will do it.

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