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Revolutionising the hair industry

Pepsee has 40 years experience and has helped create a brilliant new way to style a person’s hair the same way again and again. It’s so simple but a great concept. The salon records your hair cut as it happens. So now there will be so much less stress for the stylist and the colourist who will be able to get creative without worrying that they won’t be able to remember how to create that fabulous hair cut again.

Pepsee quite rightly points out: “This will not replace the skill and expertise of our top stylists and colourists, which are second to none in the industry. It will simply give them an entirely new tool to use for the first time – akin to giving a Formula 1 driver a higher performance car.”

Pepsee started his life as an entrepreneur in Amsterdam. As long as he can remember, he has had a huge passion for designing and creating. He took full-time classes in design and creations with hair and fashion. After graduating from hairdressing college, he moved to Australia.

“We started a research hair styling salon in Darlington in 2000 [Pepsee Cut & Colour Hair Salon],” he says. “In 2007 we were lucky enough to finally come up with the basic [new] technology, where we seriously thought our dreams had come true. From those small beginnings, our dreams have become reality and we’ve opened our second salon.”

XY Styled has salons in Darlington and Newtown – at 276 Abercrombie Street and 202 King Street. The Newtown salon is situated in the middle of King Street just before Egan Street going away from the city. If you want to try out an innovative way to make sure you have the same great hair cut again and again, then this might be the salon for you.

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