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Rescuing railway heritage

An article in the SSH (March 2013) discussed the historical significance of the CMEO building and described the maintenance work so far undertaken by UrbanGrowth NSW. The action group considers that the current piecemeal approach to maintaining both buildings is unsatisfactory and that it should be ongoing in conjunction with preparation of a Conservation Plan to guide the future adaptive reuse of the buildings.

During discussions with Darlington residents, the action group found a common reaction to be an appreciation of the buildings’ heritage significance. Residents believed the buildings to be important reminders of the State’s railway history, and were impatient for something to be done to halt further deterioration.

Deterioration of the CMEO and Scientific Services buildings has occurred over several decades whilst successive state governments were deliberating on the future of the North Eveleigh site. The action group acknowledges that UrbanGrowth NSW has been in charge of the City Connect-Central to Eveleigh project for a relatively short time. However, decisions regarding the future of these two heritage buildings could easily be determined well in advance of the remaining Central to Eveleigh site without compromising the planning of that site.

The group is encouraging concerned residents to utilise the online instrument provided by UrbanGrowth NSW ( and nominate the conservation and the adaptive reuse of these two buildings as a “quick win project”. The action group will be circulating a petition to be forwarded to UrbanGrowth NSW urging prompt action and ongoing consultation with the Darlington community.

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