Tuesday, June 14, 2022
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Not so neighbourly

One dimension of the problem has been the turnover of Uni staff dealing with the community; the other is that what is said at one meeting is unexplainably different at the next. The best-known example was the VC’s column saying that the Abercrombie car park entrance had been moved when it had not.

Similarly, residents were told that if they could talk Clover into getting rid of the Joinery then the entrance could move to Darlington Lane. At the latest meeting the Joinery had been moved but not the entrance! When questioned about the trams the Uni previously said would stop access from Codrington Street the CIS head, who had not attended earlier meetings, said trams were never the issue.

Many residents feel manipulated rather than respected. The Uni needs to revisit its approach if it really wants good neighbourly relations not continued demonisation.

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