Sunday, May 22, 2022
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North Eveleigh development fast-tracked

UrbanGrowth proposes a slightly expanded park on the western end of the site with the heritage Clothing Store becoming community and retail space rather than residential units. With 48-98 more units overall on the site and the clothing store units relocating, the trade-off is higher buildings near the railway line. The two tallest buildings are proposed to be 20 storeys – two higher than the buildings near Redfern station! There will also be 566 parking spaces in the entire development.

UrbanGrowth says North Eveleigh will demonstrate how the vision, planning principles and other studies it is developing, also to be exhibited early next year, will be applied to other Central to Eveleigh neighbourhoods.

With 20 storeys for the Newtown end, heights are expected to be much higher closer to Redfern station. This would be consistent with density diagrams already used at UrbanGrowth presentations.


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