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My work experience with the South Sydney Herald was jam packed!

I joined the South Sydney Herald team for two weeks in November 2019 on work experience. Here’s my visual diary, which shows the diversity of things I learnt and achieved.

My first day of work experience for the South Sydney Herald (SSH). Today Marjorie (SSH’s managing editor) and I went over my goals and spoke about what I will be doing during my time with the paper. My list includes writing reviews of five beautiful Indigenous children’s books.

Velvet reading the Indigenous children’s books from Magabala Books. Photo: Marjorie Lewis-Jones

Today Andrew (SSH’s assistant managing editor) and I went out to meet Lorraine Byrnes and her husband Joe. We spoke about Lorraine’s piece for the December issue and I took photos of the couple for the paper.

Andrew also walked me around Redfern and Waterloo, helping me to further understand the community and its history.

Velvet with Lorraine and her husband. Photo: Andrew Collis

Today I met Lyn (SSH’s news editor) and she taught me how important it is to manage deadlines and organise calendar dates. She also gave me the opportunity to have a go at doing this after teaching me the patterns and methods, which meant together we got 2020 sorted!

I also met Louisa (SSH’s assistant editor) and she helped me out with a piece for the February issue, which will include a heartwarming story in loving memory of her own kitty cat, Marlene.

Velvet with Lyn. Photo: Andrew Collis

Today was pagination day! The team and I got together to discuss the stories to be included in the December issue of the paper, which page they will be on, and where on the page they’ll be located, etc.

I also assisted Andrew and Adrian in setting up their art show in the Orchard Gallery. Although I go to an arts school, I previously didn’t know much about setting up an art show, but I learnt it’s more complicated, and nit-picky, than one would think.

Andrew (left), Louisa, Marjorie and Velvet. Photo: Lyn Turnbull

A few days ago, I sent Andrew off with some questions for Lincoln, an inspiring, 17-year-old ballet artist. Today we discussed the answers he gave in the interview and I finally got to start writing Lincoln’s story.

Velvet with the transcript of Andrew and Lincoln’s interview, and a photo of Lincoln. Photo: Marjorie Lewis-Jones

Today was my last day at SSH! I was very sad to say goodbye, but we worked hard today nonetheless. We worked at the newly reopened Eatz on Abercrombie (formerly known as Tripod Cafe). I took many photos of the cafe and its beautiful new features. I also polished up some things I had been working on. I had an amazing, jam packed two weeks at SSH and I’m thankful for the exciting experience.

Velvet, Lyn and Andrew at the newly reopened Eatz on Abercrombie. Photo: Navi Sinngh (aka the guy who made the cute rabbit coffee)

Editor’s note
We loved having Velvet on the team and, as you can see from her diary, she contributed a lot to the SSH in her brief time with us. Here are links to the articles and photographs she contributed to our December 2019 issue …
Balletic leap for local teen – front page of the print edition
Children’s books to light up Christmas – page 8 in the print edition
Welcome to Eatz on Abercrombie – page 8 (photograph) in the print edition
‘I love Waterloo housing estate’ – page 3 (photograph) in the print edition




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