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‘Making music with my brothers’

Willy J, Olz and the Chaza are three rappers making fresh new music with power and personality – multi-layered and percussive. The SSH was there on July 7 for the trio’s debut performance at Harpoon Harry’s on Wentworth Ave in Surry Hills.

When did you all meet?
Willy J: We met when we were little adolescent soldiers trapping the Loo.

You all tell stories about life in Waterloo and the city. Do you write your own raps? Do you work on them together?
Willy J: Well, it’s a mix of both. Sometimes I’ll write my own raps and some other days we’ll freestyle together.

How did it feel to first start creating music together?
Willy J: Making music with my brothers is probably the best feeling I’ve felt in a long time. The Harpoon Harry’s performance went great, we absolutely killed it. I was a little nervous at the start but once the crowd started getting into it, everything else just fell into place.

Have you made any recordings of your songs?
Willy J: Our songs will be out sooner than you think. I’m working on releasing our first song, “Neighbourhood Watch”, on all platforms, so be prepared. Once I finish the album cover, expect to hear more from us.

What hopes do you have for your music?
Willy J: I seriously have the greatest feeling about this. Things are about to happen, and a lot’s about to change for the better.


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