Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Mad resources for healing

“This is about a peer-to-peer, brother-to-brother approach,” said Gamarada co-founder and leader Ken Zulumovski. “This is not about experts telling us how to heal ourselves.”

The guide is the result of a six-month collaboration between Gamarada men’s group and Mad Bastards director, Brendan Fletcher. A panel of experts in the area of men’s health and social and emotional wellbeing was regularly consulted during its development.

The resource consists of a facilitator’s guide, a series of cue cards, quotes and cuts from the movie, which exemplify the six identified themes: deciding to change, relationships, taking responsibility, transformation, identity and staying strong.

In addition, the guide will include  a number of interviews with the film’s lead actors who talk about their personal struggles and challenges, and how they overcame them.

Mr Zulumovski said the guide was a simple stand-alone product that could be tailored to meet the needs of different groups. “The guide is designed to be used by any men in any place and it doesn’t need any flash technology or outside experts, just men who are seeking to be the best husbands, sons, fathers, uncles or friends they can be.”


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